The Wait Is Finally Over.

The Wait Is Finally Over.

Aug 19, 2016, 4:32:16 PM Entertainment

Last night was a great night for music fans. After a long four years of waiting, Frank Ocean has blessed the world with something. Fans became more excited back in February, when he sang in the interlude on Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo, after he was spotted at the Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show. But there was no real song by Frank Ocean. This all started last year in July, when his album Boys Don't Cry was supposed to be released after numerous delays. But when there was no album out, fans erupted in shock and sadness. It continued along for a whole year and fans have been crying out for an album. Now it seems that he has answered our prayers, and delivered a body of work in visual form. See Ocean has been working with Apple Music, so when he was ready to put something out they would have it. For months Ocean was streaming video as he essentially teased and trolled fans, making them question and wonder if there is even an album to put out. But he has now proved us wrong, and while oddly working on a staircase he played a collection of work that was entitled "Endless". It was amazing to see that he is still alive, first of all. But also, he is still able to put together immaculately dope music together. He has returned to claim his spot. Frank Ocean has always been the master of surprises since he let the world know through a tumblr post that he has had feelings for the same sex. Fans of his still supported him mainly because the music spoke itself. The way that he able to capture the feeling of the individual through his music is simply god-given. His words and the way he provides his soul to the music is amazing. Those who go, listen, and watch "Endless" will understand as well. Frank Ocean's way with words is the reason why fans have waited around for four long years, while he either took a break, worked, and became a carpenter. I advise that everyone goes out and listens to Frank Ocean's new project "Endless". One last thing, this may not be the only body of work that Frank Ocean is putting out this year, as reports have came out stating that his album Boys Don't Cry has two different version. Everyone make sure to keep a look out for The1Hundred, we will be giving out more updates on the next album or anything music like. Leave your comments below on your opinions of the album. 

Published by Darren Walker

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