Source of Inspiration

Source of Inspiration

There are more than one people that come to mind when I recall people who helped me, gave me hope and encouragement at the time I needed the most. The first one that came to mind was my Art teacher in grade two. I didn't attend school one day when I was in 1st or 2nd grade due to some reason that I don't remember (probably due to a serious reason because I didn't take off normally). The next day I came and in mathematics, the students had studied algebra and multiplication of algebric expressions. I asked my maths teacher to give me some time in my break so that I can learn that. She said okay, come to me in my free lesson and I'll teach you.

The next day, she wasn't available and so I didn't get to understand that. The next day, I went and she said yes come. I went to her and she was unavailable again. Days passed like this and just one day before my Maths exam, I was crying in the school that I didn't understand algebra and it was coming in the exam. I had been crying the entire day and then came my Arts lesson. My teacher caame and she asked me what had happened. When I told her everything, she patted me on the head and said, "That's nothing to cry about, Hadiqa, it's perfectly fine. I know how algebra works, show me your book and I will teach you." 

And at that moment, I was very shocked and surprised. I couldn't believe that my ARTS teacher was willing and giving time in HER lesson to teach me MATHS. I brought the book to her and showed her the topics I had missed. She taught me algebra and multiplication of algebric expressions in such a good way that I fell in love with it and it began my best topic in mathematics. I still love doing algebra. She was my major source of inspiration and hope. 

I guess she is the reason I love helping out people, especially in studies. Whosoever mentions to me about something they don't understand, without wasting any second, I go ahead and explain it to them. They are often surprised by it but they appreciate it as well as understand my method. I remember a few days back I was telling and explaining something in Physics or chemistry and my friend said, "God, you really do like teaching others, don't you?!" and she laughed. :-D

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