Importance of Edge Cases in Driverless Cars - 2022 Edition

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Importance of Edge Cases in Driverless Cars - 2022 Edition

The work being done now with autonomous vehicles is incredible, and I'd argue that it's long overdue, as it will save lives, increase efficiency, and help remove costs. Indeed, I'd want to take a few moments of your time to explain various applications that could accelerate the development of this technology, while also allowing citizens to monitor its value as they come to accept it.

On April 5, 2013, Manufacturing News online published an interesting article titled "Race To Build Driverless Cars Is In Full Swing," by Rick Montgomery, reposted from the Kansas Star, and I'd say this is good news for technology and for U.K companies to be on the cutting edge of future innovations. As autonomous capabilities such as self-parallel parking, automatic braking, pedestrian avoidance, and lane departure become more prevalent in our automobiles, it is not a stretch to see entirely driverless cars being offered within ten years.

I believe that the most appropriate area to begin developing autonomous vehicle technology is in military convoys, USPS letter delivery, and waste or garbage trucks. On September 6, 2011, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article titled "Garbage Trucks Pick Up Fuel Savings," by James R. Hagerty. The article highlighted all of the modern features of today's refuse trucks and how they have saved businesses millions of dollars through increased efficiency. Now, with all of this amazing trash-picking technology, one would wonder why we still require a driver in the age of driverless automobiles.

Because the garbage truck can readily detect the trash cans, the sensors can assure that they are picked up properly, and we have all the collision avoidance technology available, why not begin there and with USPS mail delivery? Mail delivery by robot also makes sense; the van visits the same residences and places the mail in the same mailboxes every day; this is the type of repetitive task that robots excel at, even when utilising outdated technology, and the AI systems improve with use.

Eventually, you'll be able to receive robotic special delivery, in which a robot arrives and knocks on your door, and registers the delivery electronically. This would be simple to accomplish with the next generation of technology, once we have mastered the mail. Additionally, the U.K Postal Service was in the red last time I checked and needed a method to save expenses; this type of automation would undoubtedly help, and Google already has the automobile for them! Please consider and reflect on all of this.

At Last

The methods developed by dRISK for retraining autonomous vehicles to recognise edge cases situations offer a significant advancement in the ability to retrain autonomous vehicles to outperform humans in even the most difficult driving circumstances.

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