Pacifier Report: Animal Babies

Somewhere deep down in every person is a child. Why do news anchors hide it? We know the silly is there. “Fly that freak flag,” you might say directly to your nightly news screen. Their straight faces and all-too-serious tone just gets tiresome.

The YouTube series Pacifier Report, voiced by children but delivered by adults, gets straight to the heart of the broadcast. It unveils the simple, yet straight talking side of the news world.

Like Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle which uses song lyrics, Pacifier Report uses children’s ramblings and gives it to you straight; straight unfiltered news. But unlike Jimmy Fallon and his lip syncing there is no battle here. Unless you consider striking down the depressing state of affairs our news stations have brought us to through their delivery of horrific scenes of violence, drugs, murder, sickness, and war as a battle! Then yeah, sure, ok, fine. It’s a battle. You win, happy? Sheesh, I was just trying to do a little compare and contrast, but y’all won’t even let me contrast.

You might ask, "Is this News fake?”

Yes! Yes it is.

"Is it narrated by children?”

Of course.

"Are the topics even news worthy?”

Not on your life. Well, maybe not...

Ranging from animal babies, to volcanos, to jelly beans, the sky is the limit on which topics are discussed. And kid’s say the darndest things about these issues. Didn’t we learn this already in the 50’s?

Pacifier report is put up regularly. Click HERE for the playlist

Pacifier report is done by youtuber DavidBrownActor. After graduating with a Master's in Fine Arts degree in acting he realized very quickly that the acting world is saturated. He's decided to make his own content and as a writer and director in addition to his recent training, he publishes regular videos on his youtube channel (

The main series is Pacifier Report but you can see other funny, condensed videos on the channel. He keeps all his videos short and punchy, like a tiny boxer. As seen on tv:

More and more actors and filmmakers are turning to making their own content. Up and coming directors often come from stock of those who went out and did their own thing. In a world of over 7 billion people and about half of that population wanting to be in film (hyperbole?) we are seeing more and more content creators.

YouTube has become a platform for entertainers and filmmakers who want to get their product out to the world, but don't have a distributor. What used to be a tight knit community of a few YouTuber celebrities is rapidly expanding to house all types of content. And thus the Pacifier Report is born from this fertile ground of creativity.

If you want real news stay here at MyTrendingStories or turn on the news. If you want fake news, I guess you can go to The Onion. But if you want fake news being voiced by a child and delivered by an adult, watch Pacifier Report.

Published by David Brown

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