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People are still curious about how we produce banners with high click-through rates - or, more specifically, why the banner they created received such high click-through rates.

We wanted to make this primer because our current strategy isn't working.

The most crucial factor is:

You must capture the attention of the audience quickly, in most cases in less than 20 seconds. This entails making a banner that loads quickly; if it takes more than 20 seconds to load, it is a waste of time.

With this in mind, you'll want to keep the file size of your banners to a minimum. To be able to create a high-quality banner with small file size, you'll need some practice. This also implies that the audience must note the banner for some purpose. Have you ever clicked on a banner before? How many times have you been surfing and completely ignored banners? Why did you want to click on the banners that you did?

Animated film:

According to a recent ZDNet post, animated ads have 18-40% higher click-through rates than static ones, according to a survey. Although this is the aim, bear in mind that the banner often says something about who you are. Animated banners seem to get noticed more and therefore have a greater chance of getting clicked. There's a fine line between successful and obnoxious at times.

To paint on top of not colouring:

The colours you choose for your ad graphic are crucial because they can either work for you or against you. To keep the file size down, stick to a limited palette and avoid dark text on a dark background. Bright colours like red and yellow perform better than dull colours like brown and grey.

Don't keep pounding on a banner that's already dead:

According to the same report, the efficacy of ad banners improved noticeably when they were updated regularly. The answer rates to your banner normally drop after the second or third time someone sees it.

Every few weeks, we suggest rotating multiple iterations of your banners.

Experimentation & KeyWords:

Although the words "Click Here" and "Free" aren't magic, they can help a banner get more clicks and responses. Of course, don't use the word "free" if you don't have something free to sell. "Trick" banners are not something we do.

The bottom line is that creating successful ad graphics can be time-consuming - experiment and keep track of your results.

Enjoy the creative process with free web content.

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