Benefits of Including Video Interview in your Recruitment Process

Benefits of Video Interview

Benefits of Including Video Interview in your Recruitment Process

Jan 1, 2022, 10:03:20 AM Business

Video interviewing has become an inseparable part of the recruitment industry. It offers high-tech features that make hiring faster and efficient. Using video interviewing software can help you eliminate multiple challenges during recruitment.

The video interviewing platform can screen thousands of candidates at the same time. You can find many advantages of adding a one way video interview software in your recruitment process. By improving the interviewing process will have a positive impact on your brand’s image.

How many types of video interviews are there?

The recruitment industry uses two video interview types. An HR manager can use any of the video interview types depending upon the hiring process.

Live video interview – It is a real-time interview where both the applicant and recruiter are present through a video call. The process is like an actual interview but saves a lot of time for candidates and recruiters alike. You can also record a live video interview to review the applicant’s performance.

Recorded video interview – The second option is to use a pre recorded video interview where a candidate can record their answers at their convenience and send it to the recruiters. Using Jobma, you can easily set up the interview and set parameters like the number of takes, answer length, and thinking time. The recruitment team members can check multiple candidates and decide whether to hire them or not.

Top benefits of including video interviews in your recruitment process

If you are interested in the video interview software, you should first learn about its benefits. These are the top benefits of adding video interview software to your hiring process.

Significantly reduce the hiring time – The video feature gives you the ability to set up multiple interviews with the top candidates. Even if they live in other corners of the country, you can still align your schedules. It uses artificial intelligence for screening and shortlisting candidates that will significantly reduce the hiring time.

A cost-effective hiring solution – Earlier, the companies have to conduct an in-person interview with the candidates during the final rounds. It means that the company will have to bear the expenses of traveling and hotel charges. Using the video interview can help in eliminating this issue. So, it proves a budget-friendly option for almost every company.

Improve communication in hiring – When selecting a candidate, getting all the team members on board is the right call. With the help of Jobma, you can share the video with the team members. So, they can view and rank the candidate based on their answers. Such things will make the process transparent and improve the efficiency of hiring.

It makes scheduling simpler – Setting up an interview schedule can become a big challenge. With so many candidates, you have to find the day and time suitable for everyone. Sometimes, the candidates have to take a day off and travel to appear in the interview.

Using the best video interview tool can resolve this problem. You can take pre-recorded video interviews of the candidates, and once you shortlist the top candidates, you can move to further the hiring process.

Easier to track a candidate’s application progress – In cases where the company receives thousands of applicants, it can become more challenging to keep track of everyone. Jobma comes with ATS that will help resolve issues with tracking the application progress. You can quickly view the status of every candidate and make the hiring more efficient.

Enhance candidate’s experience – Every company aims to hire top-level candidates, but sometimes the fast pace of interviews can make candidates feel neglected. By using a video interviewing platform like Jobma will help resolve such issues.

You can help the candidates save their time and ensure that the process is seamless. It will create an excellent first impression and improve the retention rate of applicants. A candidate only accepts job offers if they think the company is good.

If you are searching for an innovative & user-friendly video interview tool, you should go with Jobma. It is equipped with the latest upgrades to make your hiring process seamless. Offering the choice of a video interview will make a good impression on the candidates. So, it is a great way to build a positive image of your company.

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