How to design a logo for a T-shirt

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How to design a logo for a T-shirt

Sep 4, 2020, 1:02:31 PM Creative

T-shirt is a universal dress nowadays because both men and women are used to wear t-shirts. Due to its widespread demand, production has increased several times than before. They are used for events and unique purposes. because of its low production cost, it has become the number one choice as a fashionable wear. Besides, the t-shirt allows making custom design depending on the users. One can design a t-shirt with whatever he/she wants. It can be a logo, image, text, or other several elements, you can make a t-shirt with a design of your choice.

T-shirt design is a common phenomenon at present. People used to place a company logo or slogan, band logo or name, specific image, attractive typography on a t-shirt. For its huge demand, there is a separate sector of graphic design built to depending upon t-shirt design. So many experts in t-shirt design are always ready to make your t-shirt design. If you have to wish to make a t-shirt including your logo or image then you need to find one of them that related a t shirt design company. But I am describing here the technique with that you will be able to design your t-shirt in your home. So, let’s start.

The first thing is first

To design a t-shirt in your home, you need to have adobe Photoshop and its skill. So be sure that you have had these things before starting, if you don’t know Photoshop skills, that also doesn’t matter. I am showing here step by step tutorial for you. just keep following it,

Get ideas for your logo

You can call this step a per-plan of your entire process. the logo you are going to create for your t-shirt, what thing should it reflect? Is it your business logo, or your sports team logo or you are making it just for style and fun? Whatever is the reason, your logo must have to reflect your purpose. If you don’t have an actual idea, you won’t be able to do design. You need to gather ideas for your logo by the visual things that you see every day. you might get ideas from nature, online, artwork that you see in the street and so many sources. So, you should keep on searching for your design materials.


It is an essential part of logo design as it makes a prototype of your final presentation and will help you to realize how to make things better and faster. Though you wouldn’t need to be an artist to sketch your logo, all you just need is the ability to give a look or shape of your logo so that you can make it with software. Sketching will give you the idea of what you are going to do in Photoshop. Sketching and sketching will grant you to customize your logo design subtly. So, logo designers all over the world used a pencil sketch before the design logo in Photoshop.

Software activities

After sketching your design on a paper, its time to give it a real look by software like Photoshop and others. Adobe Photoshop is an editing software with extreme tools that are allowed to design any things of our imagination. You will allow us to add a logo, 2D/3D shapes, images, and other visual elements.

What do you want to art in Photoshop? It comes with deep techniques of some tools and you need to learn to use all of them if you want to make artwork using the software. You need to acknowledge the basics of the Photoshop pen tool to start the primary outline of your logo. You will also know about Photoshop layers, opacity, edge, and many other things to make a perfect design of your t-shirt.

That’s all about designing a logo for a t-shirt. If you can’t make its own, then you must need to found an expert or t shirt design company who can take the job from you. then, why are you waiting for? Start to design your t-shirt from today and make your friends surprised. 

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