Most Popular Sports in The World by Participation

Most Popular Sports in The World by Participation

Jun 20, 2022, 6:05:17 AM Sport

There are many different sports, and in any of them, there is a huge fan following. Football today is probably the sport most loved and watched by many people from all over the world. This sport is so popular that everyone wants to follow, want to play, and want to be updated with news about it every day. Not only that, it is also a favorite sport for players to bet on at Betway online sports betting. Below is a list of the top 5 sports in the world today, in terms of the number of people interested, including TV audiences, spectators directly on the field, people watching through other media, and cheering fans members, and also athlete data provided by sports federations.


The most loved football in the world is undisputed. More than half of the world's population knows and loves football, even though most of them are proficient at playing football, accounting for nearly 4 billion people. Football is popular for very simple reasons, that is, it is a sport with easy-to-understand rules and is popular for all ages, whether young or old. Not only that, you can play soccer anywhere, not necessarily in the stadium, so kids who only need a small yard can create an interesting game of their own. Not only that, but football also makes fans go from surprise to surprise with the chase for the score and the comeback in the final seconds of the match. Viewers could not take their eyes off the match for any moment. This is the only sport that is not controversial when it comes to the top of every statistical list whether measured by viewership or players.

Football develops at a very fast pace and has wide coverage across the planet, to the point that now almost every city in the world has one or a few teams of their own. Football is the top spot on the list no one can deny its popularity.


Golf is a bat sport and the player uses the club to hit a small ball from one place, hitting it until it lands in a hole in another place with as few strokes as possible. This is a fairly light sport, without losing strength because the opponent does not meet and fight directly during the process of hitting, but it requires dexterity, sophistication, and calculation to put the ball into the hole correctly. corpse. Golf appeared in the 13th century, but it was not until the 1400s that golf developed into a real sport. And until today golf has appeared in most countries around the world. It is not only a sport but also great entertainment for golf enthusiasts. Golf came from the upper class, but today it has gradually become popular and is a sport that anyone can play. It is estimated that the number of golfers increases continuously every year, and the number has reached nearly 500 million people.


Particularly for combat sports that take place between two people, unlike badminton and table tennis, tennis is still the first choice of sports lovers. It is estimated that up to this point, the number of tennis players in the world has surpassed 1 billion people. This sport appeared very early and was popularized at the end of the 14th century, after many years of correction and development, by the end of the 19th century, this sport was officially one of the top sports. The most popular sport with clearly perfected rules. One of the main reasons why tennis has such widespread appeal is that the sport has never seen complete domination by any one player or country because up to 14 different male and female players hold the position. number one in the world, and they represent eight different countries.

These are the most loved sports in the world. Are these sports you also love and follow regularly?




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