An Interview With Branding Expert - Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe

An Interview With Branding Expert - Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe

Sep 5, 2017, 1:06:12 AM Business

1. Hi Jacquie, Can you please introduce about yourself to readers?

My name is Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe (editor note, as in SEO maven/ guru Patrick Coombe is her husband and Partner) I am from New York city my background is in Branding and Marketing in Hospitality. I have worked with some very talented people over the years and am really blessed to have had the opportunities and challenges I have had in my life and my career. I "homeschooled" and self taught on how to turn my marketing and branding experience into a business of technology. Its been quite a few years and I love internet marketing.

2. Can you please tell us about your business journey?

Elite Strategies was founded by Patrick Coombe in 2009. His vision was to create a full service internet agency lead under his experience in technology but to bring on people that could fill the gaps that he could not reach. Patrick is a seasoned programmer and a huge influence in the internet marketing community. Patrick is the Founder but as he will always say Jacquie is the future. "I wanted to grow the company to be a full service outfit that our clients inherently trusted their vision".

3. How have you grown up being a woman CFO and partner?

I Wanted clients to be able to focus on their business and not feel the weight of the need to be found online, have presence, and get business. That is our job to perform for them show them a return and manage it.  Our clients are our number one priority. My parents have always told me Jacquie you need to be the director or the boss so i always heard that in the back of my mind my dad was always about thinking outside the box and how to really thrive on your own vision.

Being a woman CFO can be challenging I do thinking that people have a certain expectation but then when I talk that is usually over. My motto is be a woman at home an a business man at work. My husband is my partner so we really pick our battles and we do NOT bring work home. We run very opposite sides of the company so sometimes we aren't even on a lot of the same projects. We also really encourage each other to run with our talents and pass our weak points on to each other. We have an incredible team who supports the vision and are very talented plus they keep me laughing 24-7. Shout out to the Incredible Elite Team!

4. What drew you to start Elite Strategies?

I wanted to work for myself and capitalize on the combination of mine and Patricks talents which are completely oppose.

5. What do you do in your spare time? 

Patrick and I are advocates for addiction treatment and education we do our fundraising and events to support a incredible non-profit called They have influenced so many people not only to get help but created a support plan for long term growth.

6. Can you please share a picture of your workspace?










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