3 Ways to Become a Chess Champion

Chess is often known as the game of champions, and being a stellar chess player can open doors in other areas of life. Those who excel in chess are often calmer, as they can plan strategically ahead in other areas of life, and are better at reading people and their intentions. But the road to becoming a chess genius is long and winding – luckily, there are some easy ways in which you can pick up some extra chess skills.

Review the Masters

Learning from mistakes is the key to growth – but nobody said that they had to mistakes you have made. By watching famous chess matches that show you how the game should be played, you can learn more about your own moves to make. By seeing what chess champions do in certain situations, and when they play winning gambits, you can end up improving your own chess game. The internet provides a multitude of ways in which you can watch old chess matches or see others analyzing the way in which games were won or lost.   

Excel Elsewhere

In order to be a well-rounded chess player, taking the transferable skills and excelling in them elsewhere can also help you improve your game. Playing other games online can help you hone your skills in analyzing the next move and strategizing how to win. For example, playing free online slots, like those at casinos such as LeoVegas and Betway, can provide other areas of brainpower strengthening, which can then be tailored to chess and help you build your chess skills while not actively playing.


Ultimately, in order to improve in anything, you have to practice it a lot. 10,000 hours they say is enough time in doing something to make someone an expert. Therefore, the only way in which to become a true chess master is to practice, practice, practice. By gaining experience and learning from your mistakes, while also applying what you may have learned elsewhere, you will become a chess champion in no time. And then by excelling in chess, you can take the transferable skills and excel in other areas of life.  

So, while there is no quick fix to becoming a master of chess, there are three simple ways in which you can practice to become a champion and get closer to the goal.

Published by Dawn Richard


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