3 Ways to Show Confidence in an Interview

3 Ways to Show Confidence in an Interview

Jun 7, 2018, 2:58:54 PM Life and Styles

Interviews can be daunting. Looking the part and ensuring your resume is flawless are key, but neither will secure you your dream job. The employer is looking for someone with confidence and the ability to shine as an individual. But what are the key skills needed in order to show that you have the confidence to do the job?

Show Strong Body Language

Body language is one of the ways in which we can accidentally let ourselves down, especially in a job interview. By practicing reacting in a positive way and controlling any fidgeting or anxious-looking body language, we can appear that our nerves haven’t bested us. Spend the few days before monitoring your body language in public settings, or those in which you don’t feel fully comfortable, and actively stopping yourself from letting your body language come across as anything but strong and confident enough to do the job.    

Keep Calm Under Pressure

Keeping calm under pressure is one of the reasons why people fail interviews. If you reach the interview stage, your resume and skill set are already being looked on favourably. So, to get the job you need to make sure you look like you can handle it – if you look worried, nervous, or incompetent in the interview, they will never trust you with the responsibility of the actual job. One way to prepare is to practice playing stressful online casino games. With online casino bonuses it's easy to sign up to sites, like Betway or Mr Green, to practice making fast decisions, while maintaining your cool.

Be a Good Communicator

Most job descriptions list being a strong communicator as necessary skills, and while you may excel at written communication, the interview is to judge your oral communication skills. Being able to hold a conversation and communicate the easiest topic – you – to multiple strangers is a way of testing this. Speaking in public can be difficult, but there are ways to prepare. Make a point of striking up conversations with passers-by in daily life and monitoring how you speak to each one, and what makes you feel comfortable communicating.  

So, by implementing these tactics, and gaining these three simple skills in showcasing your confidence, the job of your dreams is one step closer.  

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