6 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in The World

6 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in The World

Jun 8, 2018, 2:29:37 AM Life and Styles

Travelling abroad is important it helps you experience new things, help you get out of your comfort zone. Along with that it builds confidence, develops cultural sensitivity in you. You can adapt to globalization. Travelling enables you to get infinite chances to network with others. People around the world travel to different countries for different purpose like amusement, business, or to develop connections with others. If we talk about tourist, then they mostly prefer to visit those places that are recommended by others, but some areas are overrated too. Following are the six most overrated tourist spots in the world:

1- The London Eye 

It is one of the most visited places of the world. It is located on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. Whenever someone goes to London then going to the London Eye is a must. There are many beautiful other attraction points that include monuments, museums as well as historic sites. The only thing that dominates the London Eye is its glitzy Ferris wheel but this is not something that should make it one of the most tourist visited spot as there are many amusing parks that are much more entertaining and worth going. Therefore it is considered an overrated place. 

2- Stonehenge

It is the most famous prehistoric monument. It is revealed as world’s most disappointing tourist destinations. Almost one million tourists visit it annually but they are then left unimpressed. Stonehenge is counted among one of the most visited places in Britain. This monument is located in Wiltshire. The primary criticism given by the tourists regarding this place is that it is small and one cannot get close to it while it is too far from London. It is an ancient site present in the country but not a place that should be present in the most visited tourist spot of the world. Therefore is considered overrated.

It is the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic. It is known for its old town square, the medieval Astronomical Clock, its historic cores and the Gothic churches. It is one of the most overrated tourist spots in the world as many other places are far more amusing and exciting than it, but still, it is visited by millions of people every year.  

4- Dubai

It is yet another overrated tourist spot in the world. It does not have any natural beauty. All the things present in Dubai are artificially generated. It comprises of Malls and beaches and is considered to be one of the most cities of the world. Stuff including hoteling, staying, shopping, etc. are incredibly overpriced. The only activity I find fun in Dubai is kayaking especially the fishing kayak sports, which is exceptionally fun. Hatta Kayak, Watersports by First Yacht and SeaYou are the only attractive and fun activity spots.  There are a number of other places in the world which are much more beautiful and are easily affordable too (check it out.) But I wonder why still people go to Dubai?

5- Paris

It is another overrated tourist spot in the world. It has Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre. Last year around 32.3 million people visited Paris which is something that I cannot understand.

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