7 Beautiful Spring Flowers Look Ecstatic

7 Beautiful Spring Flowers Look Ecstatic

Mar 4, 2018, 5:42:30 AM Life and Styles

Shibazakura flower at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan

In April, millions of pink Shibazakura flowers cover the grasslands at Mount Fuji.

This is also the time of the Shibazakura Festival, which attracts millions of visitors from all over to the foothills to wander around the pink flowers and enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Spring is also the best time to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji.

Wildflowers in California, USA

Spring weather in the southern part of California, the United States is quite warm. It was also the time when the arid deserts changed, wearing new clothes of millions of colorful flowers.

Die Valley National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert National Park are the places to go if you want to enjoy the scenery. For more news login to NextColumn.

Tulips in the Netherlands

The tulips are blooming in late spring, so this is also the best time to visit the Netherlands.

The most visited is the Keukenhof, one of the largest botanical gardens in the world.

National Park of the Valley of Flowers in India

The flower valley of India is both a national park and a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

This is where the natural beauty makes you feel like suffocating. The area of ​​9,000 hectares is mountainous, pasture and floral carpet stretches.

This spring attracts crowds of visitors to the camp, walks along the streams, admire the flowers and observe the black bears.

The garden of the Monet artist in Giverny, France

The attractive flowers of the artist Claude Monet not only exist in the paintings.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flowers inspired his work in Giverny, France.

The site is divided into two main areas: the Le Clos Normand garden with the family house of the Monet and the Japanese garden.

Two different styles but are full of flowers so you will feel like you are standing in the masterpiece of this artist.

Royal Kew Gardens in London, England

The UK has a lot of beautiful gardens and villages, but the Royal Kew Gardens in London is the place to visit the most when spring comes.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew established in 1840, is home to nearly 30,000 rare plant specimens. 

In addition to watching the flowers, visitors also take courses in cultivation, identification of plants and reading in the library contains more than 750,000 books, 175,000 prints and drawings illustrating the plant species.

Lake Tidal Basin in Washington, USA

The area around the Tidal Basin in Washington is famous for its springtime beauty thanks to the beauty of cherry blossoms, a gift Japan gave America over a century ago.

Cherry blossom burst in the same series in late March, early April, creating a beautiful landscape enchanting.

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