Process, Edit DJI Large Videos with VideoProc - The Best DJI Video Editing Software

Process, Edit DJI Large Videos with VideoProc - The Best DJI Video Editing Software

Mar 3, 2020, 4:44:22 AM Creative

Video editing software has been assisting users to create video clips while making art. However, there are some videos recorded by DJI or GoPro are extremely large. These videos need to be processed and edited effectively and all that leads you to have the best DJI video editor. If you have the large DJI videos, you can cut to form various segments easily to work smoothly. If you have to watch a video, it's best you be having reliable software for you to view it through your device. However, the video can also be shared through uploading which is always hard for large videos. 

Understanding about DJI Video Editing

When it comes to editing videos, its where you choose a video and then adjust it or create a craft from the original video. video editing has different uses but the most used editing method is video trimming where it's used for removing some parts that aren't needed. However, you might need video editing to combine various clips when you need to generate a longer video.

Normally, Video editing is carried out as a post-production method. Besides that, video producers also add some titles, color adjustments, sound adjustments and many more. 

For DJI video, you need to have a reliable video editor that can edit large video files such as VideoProc. But prior to starting the process of editing, you should understand general uses. For example, you can use the video editor to delete unwanted parts in a video. So, the video editing software will of great help in removing defected parts. 

On the other hand, if you have the best DJI drone video editor, it can help you to insert effects, music, audio, and graphics. The processing is crucial as it tends to create better impressions to other viewers. 
For experienced and skilled video editors, with the best DJI video editor, they can change the style, speed, and mood of the video easily. It will help to bring visual effects that the viewers will respond to. 

How to Edit DJI Large Videos Effectively

Today, most people are relying on their phones, 4K UHD cameras, drones, GoPro action cameras or other devices while shooting exciting videos. That is easy. However, when it's about sharing those videos or displaying their output, they get disappointing results. Now, either a pro or novice, it's time you take the advantages VideoProc software which you can utilize the full GPU acceleration that will process the large footage. 

Depending on the video editing software, editing raw footage to the content you will be proud might seem daunting. The tools that are claiming to be easy also lacks necessary features that can make your video shine. However, VideoProc is an example that will offer you an all-in-one application that comes with essential editing features that will turn your DJI video into quality output and polished to make you proud.

After shooting DJI videos, there is some footage that will be inevitably spoilt that might occur because of poor light, incorrect focusing, background noise, and shakiness. So, you have to remove those unusable segments and make the footage to be good looking. Sometimes, after downloading a video it comes with intro and outro that might be essential to remove while sharing it. It all depends on the video editing software you will use. In all the cases, it means you need to trim that video. 

Cutting, Trimming or Slicing A Video

Nothing easier than editing a video with VideoProc. The video you can edit can be in any format such as 4K, 1080p, AVI, MP4, HEVC, MKV and more.

After you have your video ready for processing, you should ensure you have installed a video editor on your computer. Launch the video editor and import your target DJI video to the program. Ensure you have navigated the video processing interface. 

With the video editing software, it's easy to trim the video and cut out all the redundant footage from the video. The tool for editing is available in your software. If you will be done trimming, ensure that you have saved the final video. 

However, while trimming a video, it won't affect the quality of the final video and the trimming process can be achieved with blazing fast speed. For a computer supporting hardware acceleration, the process will even be faster. 
Converting Videos

If you have to re-encode video before you trim it, the tool responsible is available in the video editor. For converting videos, the software should have a button that enables you to target the output format. Some of the available formats include HEVC MP4, MKV, H.264 MP4, MOV, and others. If the video has a target format, choose to convert the video. 

If you need to convert for example a video H.264 to H.265 you can start by splitting the target video into clips. Sometimes, the video might be delicate, but at the same time too long for sharing or storage. So, it means you can split that video into fragments and there is a split button that plays the role. You will also choose the number of segments needed or seconds that each split segment should have.

Cropping Videos

For cropping and trimming of videos will go hand in hand. While cropping, you have to frame the size of the video. Cropping videos means you have to frame the size so that you get the targeted aspect ratio.

In the editing bar, there is a box button that will be written "enable crop" which will help to set your video position and frame size.

The Final Verdict

DJI video editing software has to operate easily and in a quick manner. When you're creating short films with various transition effects, graphics, audio, and music, it an ultimate reliable software. 

Today, desktop hard-drives and PCs continue having a relationship like heart and soul. So, it's becoming cheaper and powerful. Various video editing programs can easily be installed and will offer suitable and effective timeline editing features. Having such kind of software, you can check at the whole work zoom it for you to certain some points. But all in all, you must be having the best video editor!

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