Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Interior Paint Colors

Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Interior Paint Colors

Feb 10, 2020, 7:53:23 PM Life and Styles

One of the best ways to choose interior paint colors is to go with your favorite colors. If you have just one favorite color, you can use this as your base color and then create a color scheme around it. Here are a few more things you can do, to make sure you choose the best interior paint colors:

Draw inspiration from sources

Going through magazines and catalogs for paint color inspiration is something people have been doing for decades now. Now you can get hundreds of ideas by browsing through the net. You can draw inspiration from social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest too. Also, there are many paint company sites that give you all the information that you need about choosing colors for your home. Do your research and gather all the ideas that you can find.

Create a color scheme using the color theory

You need not be an expert in color theory to create a color scheme. All that you need to understand is how the little color wheel works. You should be able to identify which colors relate to each other and which of those don’t. You don’t have to choose the exact colors that you see on the wheel. You can keep them as your base colors and select different shades.

Pull paint colors from prints

A lovely bed sheet, table linen, or even throw pillows in printed fabric can be the base for choosing your interior paint colors. The boldest color of the fabric can be the color of your accent wall, if you are creating one. For larger spaces, you should go for colors that are more subtle. You might find these colors if you look at the smaller details of your print fabric. You can take a small swatch of that fabric to the paint store to select your colors.

Go with the hues of nature

You can bring the outside in by choosing color schemes from the nature. Whether it is the laid-back blues of the beach or the foliage green, these color schemes work very well in creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for something that is vibrant just take a walk into the cluttered farmer’s market. These are hues that nature has already produced; there are high chances that they might work for you too.

Choose paint colors from artworks

This is what most interior designers do. They choose colors from master pieces that artists have created. Artists are generally masters of color and light and their color schemes can work very well for interiors. Draw inspirations from artworks at your home. You can either choose the exact colors or go with colors that complement them. Keep the artwork as the focal point and create a color scheme around that.

Get ideas from experts such as Malerfirma Frederiksberg if you don’t want to make any mistake in choosing colors. Sometimes all it requires is a few adjustments with the shades to decide on the best interior paint colors. Do your homework well before grabbing the paint color options. Find out how much of paint you would need before buying them.

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