I Soulmenly Swear…

I am lucky enough to have several friends who are in there 20’s and I have to let you guys know, many of my friends are not happy with where they are right now. But I have an even bigger confession, I am happy where I’m at right now. I don’t always admit this out loud because I feel like I am throwing this in someone’s face. But I made a promise to myself, with the beginning of this year, that no situation would stop my happiness. And I have kept that promise to myself.

The Soul Purpose

It hasn’t been easy, but making an effort to be happy, is just like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you do it once you won’t forget how. I realize now that when I didn’t have a soul purpose, I would purposely get in my own way. I would say things like, “ugh this never happens to people like me” or “good things don’t happen to me” and the classic “good men aren’t attracted to me, only dogs like me.” AND THIS IS A HUGE NO NO!!!! Of course I was attracting terrible men because that is what I put out in the universe. Good things didn’t happen to me because I SAID THAT, that was no one else’s doing but my own.

So when I catch myself saying something negative, I say “I will not receive that message.” Discover your souls purpose, and don’t rush this process, if it takes you a week, awesome! If it takes you three months to a year, amazing! But your soul’s purpose is not something u want to rush. This is a journey, not a 100 meter race.


You are worth everything that you think you are. If you believe you are good, your are good. If you believe you are bad, then you are jus that. Good things happen to good people. And why are you any different? You’re not. You are what you think you are. And that’s soulidarity. You are a creator of your happiness. You are the beginning to solving your equation. You are the beginning and the ending of your story. You deserve to live happily ever after.

I believe you are worthy of your own happiness. You are bigger than  sadness, you are beyond negativity. That right is soulfully yours.


Published by Deandrea Paul

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