Smart Reasons you Should Keep a Journal (and How to Stay Inspired)

Smart Reasons you Should Keep a Journal (and How to Stay Inspired)

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My laptop is finally repaired and home safely, so I guess it’s time I share what I’ve been doing on my break. In the middle of the year, when my laptop first mysteriously died, I decided to try my hand at journaling. While I’ve kept several short-lived diaries through my life, most of them are lost, unreadable or pointless. Sure, I liked the concept but could I really commit to writing regularly in a journal?
There was always an excuse: ‘I’m too busy!’ or ‘my handwriting is awful,’ are the most common but I’m only a few months in and the pages are filling steadily. While improved penmanship and writing my own personal narrative are some more obvious rewards of keeping a journal, here are a few more reasons you should have a go too:


Five Smart Reasons your Should be Keeping a Journal:

  1. Journaling is cheap therapy. It listens without interrupting, doesn’t judge or share your secrets and it’s free and open 24-hours a day.
  2. You have the ability to write yourself into history. All you have to do is put somethingdown on paper and immediately that something becomes a part of your real-time life story. Tell me that isn’t the coolest thing ever?
  3. By using your journal to reflect, you’re able to recognise personal patterns of behaviorand make adjustments that help you achieve your goals and personal growth.
  4. Brilliant ideas often come out of nowhere and are gone again the next second. If you get into the habit of keeping your journal with you at all times, you have a place to jot those great ideas down. Get in the habit of keeping your journal by your bed to keep track of your dreams; you never know when inspiration will strike.
  5. It’s a rewarding feeling rereading your past, offering the chance to relive good memories, learn from hardships and laugh at yourself. All these things help make us more mindful, improve our self-esteem and reduce stress.


Looking for inspiration?

Pinterest is my go-to for journal inspiration where you can view tonnes of creative diaries online, but my real advice to journal beginners:

  • Find wonder in the unimportant. Sure, you might have just gone to work and done the grocery shopping today – nothing too exciting there, but what was the weather like? Did the cashier smile? Was there traffic? Go deeper and totally explore your universe. This will make rereading later more meaningful.
  • Carry your journal with you everywhere.
  • Don’t feel pressured to write every day (at least not at first). Aim to write every week then try from there to do a little more each day. As you fill the pages you’ll be more inspired to go on.
  • Read over old entries for inspiration.
  • Don’t limit yourself to boring ‘Dear Diary, today I…‘ entries. Draw pictures, add photos, fauna, glitter and stickers. If you don’t feel like writing just fill a page with a shopping list or to-do list. The only limit is your imagination so don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • Look for journal prompts online.
  • Write about a past event in retrospect or from someone else’s perspective.

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