A Message Unstoppable

A Message Unstoppable


A message pushes 
through a maze 
unfazed by storms 
and resisting 
waves of life

It is unrelenting, 
swerving around 
arriving on time, 
and on point. 
Unstoppable as a 
babe's delivery time.

It must be heard in this
without alteration 
nor additives
by those with motives 
for an alternative.

It resonates tireless
across borders,
boundaries of land
and heart.
Turned on at full blast
A message to impart
and to trust

Day and night,
it is heard, 
in all seasons 
and for divine
reasons to heal
nations and relations.

Rain or shine
it resounds.
A powerful sound
as a two-edged sword 
to cut away rigid trains of 

It speaks "Human kind is precious, every life matters whatever the race.
Consider, care and love one another.Love is the principle thing"

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 20/07/2016

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Published by Deborah Esther

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