Poetry: The Me I Know

Poetry: The Me I Know


The me I know is called black
that's okay for it's but a word,
a description of the colour
that's my skin.

The me I know is God's
that's okay for it is the me reborn,
a state of being that's in the
here and now and for His
purpose, I so define.

The me I know, knows her worth,
that's okay for it's a mindset shift,
a knowing of true self,
enabled by whose I am,
the divine.

The me I know who is His,
has escaped, that's okay, for
it is time for release from
ancient potholes marked
"unworthy" to embrace the
liberation of the Saviour of
Soaring with healed wings
away from the snare of the
fowler and refusing a status
defined with distaste by my
external colour.

The me I know lives in the
reality of her Saviour's
finished work among remnant
saints, a family of nations and
tribes of a multicoloured hue,
that's okay for we are one,
the human race.

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 9/10/2016

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