He thinks i'm wrong

He thinks i'm wrong

Aug 4, 2016, 4:28:40 AM Creative

You think I need a hero
but I’m just looking for a man
Not the kind that saves me
but does what he can
To tell me he loves me
To show that he cares
To promise he’ll miss me
Whenever I’m not there

I’m not looking for paradise
I just want Mr nice

I don’t dream about princes
Fighting knights, slaying dragons
You’re always in my mind
more than you could imagine
For better or for worse
My love won’t be a curse
No demons in closets, No battles or hurt

I’m not expecting a fairytale
Just a love that won’t go stale

But you sit in the corner
And rarely smile
You’re scared and I’m tired
This will take a while
To convince you you’re perfect
Just you being you
You think that I deserve better but that isnt true

I dream about you all day
And when Im lying in bed
Your beautiful face
Is stuck inside my head
In sickness and health
You make my heart melt
But my soul is on fire, a feeling I’ve never felt

But you sit in the corner
So I send you a smile
Your shy and I’m nervous
And it might take a while
But I’ll convince you you’re perfect
And know that I’m right
There’s nowhere else I’d rather spend the night

Just you in the corner
With your cheeky smile
I hope you don’t mind if I
sit a little while
Cos I think you’re perfect
I’m not gonna lie
Your my mr good guy and I want you to be mine

You might not understand it
And that makes me sad
Your my very best friend
 and i know that ain’t bad
But please believe that your perfect
Maybe then you’ll see
My Mr nice guy you’re truly the one for me.

Published by Debz Dreamz

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