Military Mother

Military Mother

Aug 4, 2016, 5:04:28 AM Creative

They got the call they’ve been waiting for,

But really hoped would never come.

She’s been deployed,  leaving today,

Even though she’s a wife and a mom.


She said goodbye to her daughter,

remembering the things she has taught her,

Like how to be strong, how to keep moving on.


She said goodbye to her mother,

Gave a hug to her significant other,

Telling them not to fear,  holding back her own tears.


Its just got to be done,

That’s what they’re told,

To convince them the best thing is to put their life on hold.

Its not a game,

It’s a war,

but they don’t know what they’re fighting for.


It’s a duty and the kids understand,

But they’d give anything just to hold her hand.

She said she’d write or try to call,

They wonder does she even miss us at all. .?


It makes her cry

And question why?

But the fear doesn’t make her run.

And they are proud,

Shouting loud,

About the soldier She’s become.


So she prays for them and they pray for her,

She’ll never let them down.

Maybe not now but someday soon,

She’ll come back to them safe and sound.

Published by Debz Dreamz

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