She can fly!

She can fly!

Aug 4, 2016, 4:40:47 AM Creative

It wasn't until she found her wings, she discovered she could fly

over the heads of the beasts below they allowed her to say goodbye.

She didnt think she had it in her, “my feathers are far too short”

but something stirred deep inside, she was stronger than she thought.


She had been hurt, cheated, lied to, and abused, her life had been a sin,

Until the day she realised the power and love she held within.

Many an enemy crossed her path, she had hidden from several foes,

she didn’t believe there was another choice until the 100th time she froze.


There was no grand gesture, no fanfare or sign from up above,

She simply stopped trying so hard, she knew she’d had enough.

Bravery didnt come easy to her, the scars had not yet healed,

but just because you are scared once, doesnt mean your fate is sealed.


“if i can keep moving on to face another day..

..surely thats my heart telling me that theres another way?”

she realised that bravery was never about being knocked down,

bravery is knowing your worth, keeping faith and standing your ground.


So no more feeling worthless, she practised self-belief,

never would she give someone else power, in her land she’s the Chief!

She makes herself a daily promise to never return to the dark days of crying,

she’ll just pick herself up, dust off those wings, and of course keep on flying.

Published by Debz Dreamz

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