Who knows really? (WIng it)

Who knows really? (WIng it)

Aug 14, 2016, 3:53:29 AM Creative

In the end,

Is it even over?

Or something else entirely?

Is Heaven still peace?

Earth still round?

Is Hell still red and fiery?

Does Love mean more?

Or Hate mean less?

Are there more lessons to learn?

Does the grass still grow?

Stars still shine?

Does the sun continue to burn?

Do you see my point?

Can you understand?

This message i'm trying to give?


If nobody knows

You may as well wing it

Just have fun

Enjoy the life you life.

Accept what you must

Change what you can

Don't sit there with 99 stresses!

Don't bother asking

Just go with the flow

Cos we're all just taking wild guesses!


Published by Debz Dreamz

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