Four Mistakes that rummy rookies make

Four Mistakes that rummy rookies make

Jun 10, 2021, 2:41:21 AM Sport

1. Folding too early

While folding in a game is part and parcel of the game, and smart players do fold at all times , it's worth noting is folding is perceived as a cop out. If you do it often, it signals to your opponent that you are a weak player. That's the last thing you want to give away. No matter how strong your rummy skills are, you should be careful not to let the guard down infront of your opponents.

2. Multitabling

It is again one of the common rookie mistake. While multitabling is fun and an easy way to make quick bucks, experience is a must. If you play rummy in multiple tables without experience, your chances of losing are higher. Practice games give you sufficient buffer time to perfect your skills. Why should you ignore an opportunity to perfect your rummy strategy at no expense?

3. Incorrect hand valuation

It is no secret that starting hands play a crucial role determining the outcome of the game. Evaluating your hands is the primary rummy skill every player must have. Only when you have an idea about the hand, you can formulate your gameplay and strategy accordingly. A lot of players end up losing their money because of incorrect hand evaluation. Learning the different types of starting hands would help regulate your gameplay.

4. Poor Bankroll Management

While winning is an enticing prospect in rummy, one cannot ignore the chance of losing. In fact, win and loss are part and parcel of rummy game play. A lot of players pump in large loads of money even before attaining mastery in rummy, in their quest to win more money and fame. Even when you have the expertise in skills, you should have a proper idea about bankroll management. As wins and losses are common in rummy, you should bring to table only what you can afford. Take liberal advantage of the bonus offers and always follow responsible gaming pracices.


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