Oct 30, 2016, 4:22:34 PM Opinion

Well for all you Dark Souls players, whether on PC master race or console peasants, this is going to be relatable. For all others, have no worries as we shall delve deeper into this phrase.

Dark Souls is a Bandai Namco RPG (role playing game: A game that you as a character grow and get stronger and get more items to play and advance through). This isn’t your typical game; this isn’t your average PB and J on an easy Sunday. This is by far the hardest game franchise in the entire universe. Well even though many crack the game, they will surely tell you that you must git gud (get good) which is a phrase from the community of players. The game follows you just dropped in a gritty world full of your not so average twisted monsters from your worst and unimaginable nightmare and you got to defeat them. Well here is the catch. Plan, don’t be rush, and most assuredly have the fastest reflexes your brain can whip up. The developers basically tell you that you can’t do it by your first ever whip and lash of the game. The AI serves to be fast, huge, and constantly not enabling you get time to analyse. Well unless you git gud.

Well for a long-time game have been a huge part of me as creative and imaginative being since I was a kid. They serve a special purpose of teaching me lessons and expanding my mind to new possibilities of life. This most unique game, just hit me how life is.

Get thrown to the most uneventful circumstance and you must deal with it to progress on in life. When you fall and game over you must spawn and face it fresh with more experience as you git gud. Whatever evil lore you are trapped in, whatever the size of the situation just wields your blade up high to the hottest dragon and say, “You’re going down this time.” Like the game you can also call in your most trusted partner to help you and you both level up in life.

All I want to put across is for those who are stuck in some point in your life and feel alone and feel like ejecting that disk and say am better off. It pays off to git gud, it pays off to face life in its gritty lanes of horrors, just to see the light of day at the end of the boss fight. The relief we all feel after that long and hard grind and mush of buttons, even if the keys got out, feels totally worth it. The feeling of sacrifice and compromise has never had a clearer meaning in my life. It’s because of these small arts and media I get you see a sense of sensation and life that add up to reality and keeps me going and I hope will get you going too.

Be it that we seek the lessons in life from the small things we come across, whether good or bad or useless media. It has a way of surprising you back, because they aren’t products of aliens. They are works of art that inspire souls that are keen enough to see the shaded mirror of life.


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