Lover's Hands

Lover's Hands

By your hands all is possible, Craziest life decisions are more plausible

To all of us who've been love struck at one point in life or still are, here's to you. Here to the hardest decision in life to surrender our hearts to the hands of our lovers. To the pits of despair if crushed to a million pieces, and most of all to the odd strength it gives us in life. 
I did not have words for this for a long time, but now its all too clear to me now. The surrender is worth the gain, to be in each others hands is the most security life could ever offer. One of life's most mysterious feelings, that 
transcends throughout galaxies and supersedes science itself. 
By their hands there is a sense of placement and meaning it conjures up into one's life. The feeling of regret is slowly washed away by the memories you make. Despair evades by every intimacy you share together. Negativity gets its way out and replaced by the happiest possibilities.
I guess what am trying to put across is the rarest adventure life's ride has to offer to many of us. How many get stuck in the thought of its alright to let go of this feeling. This is for you. Never give up on love, fight for your  lovers hand.

The road isn't pretty though, full of the worst potholes and the most excruciating short moments of sadness or long at times. Its all normal when you signed your heart away with no control over what emotions flood your soul. the nights you'll always try to hold on to the good, to the times you wont feel each other. It all falls in the hands of memories and treasures of life you had together, so yes fight for it,
fight till your last ounce of breathe doesn't go in vain,
fight till your minds cant take another thought than each other.

Hold tight to the lover's hand.

Published by Dedpixl Roy

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