Stand up and stand out!

Stand up and stand out!

Sep 20, 2016, 12:07:42 PM Opinion

Just at the far right of Africa, stands a very significant country called Kenya. A country that tries so hard in making its mark in the world, to shine and to thrive along with the stars. We’ve come a long way, since the guerrilla fights of our forefathers to lead this rich beautiful land into independence. I love my country, why? The vast richness of culture, to the intricate diversification of 42 tribes living as one.

But, there is one thing on my mind. One major thing that got our heads scratching over and over in each generation to come. Why are we moving backwards? Why are we receding? Why aren’t we making the mark just yet? Sure we’ve got cutting edge tech such as mobile money transfer and banking without using any actual bank(Mpesa), which the Americans would go crazy upon its arrival there. But, it’s not that. It is never about the mark in tech or infrastructure, or how many malls we have Dior or H&M standing out.

Am a cultural lover and with that I love the feeling of the authentic touch to anything. From the German beer to the Japanese anime. What’s so unique of all of these? The progression of authentic products from all over the world is what I say is a step forward. Not a peak to your colonialist’s work as refrence to what to do and go. This is the problem we suffer. This is the regress we constantly endure and sideline as a nation and individual.

I was in a constant loop of peer pressure and mediocre notions of what life should be, what sports is what I should play and how I should speak. The trend of traditions had drowned me and sucked the very life I had as a child. I remember one time, I was to receive my very first artsy kit(from crayons to papers, to colors and markers and even glitters)but the giver decided it wasn’t for my age. At the age of 12, I cant believe how that sunk me into depression. Not because of not getting that kit, but the amount of pressure to fit in and be like other children.

For sure, I didn’t realise how I was in a bowl of my own suppression. It was through writers and poets, in high school, that I saw how much the freedom of the heart felt tremendously amazing. Having that voice to speak out and be who I am gave me so much strength that no one could erase from me.

I made progress in life, by being true to my heart and not following the normal trend that is deemed ‘the proper way’. This ‘proper way’, has it gotten us far? Most definitely yes! But only for the few years after our independence. There after it was just a loop of conditioning everyone not to grow! “Now children listen up! An A in Physics and Maths and Swahili, is the only way to get a prosperous life.” Now really?

Unfortunate for us is that we realise when its too late how much more we have, and we can do just when we step out.

Is it scary? Yes!

Is it a lonely path? Only at the beginning. (Now I got you guys to support me.)

Are you sure it will yield results? Only if your true to your heart.

Now the problem is solved, but it’s solved with a fresh heart and ready mind to change

Published by Dedpixl Roy

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Sep 20, 2016, 3:38:56 PM

Yes yes! And the world comes down and you are all set to go and conquer. Thank you Simon, and spread the word

Sep 20, 2016, 12:24:16 PM

It's amazing when you throw off the shackles of conformity to the mean, your mind feel's refreshed with the gift of optimism :)

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