The Beauty outside the rush

The Beauty outside the rush

Its been a long way coming with appreciating this post, but am finally here. What contributed me to writing this was the fact that am a really 'hands on everything' kind of person. Where I see a way aint no need to weigh just make space in my head and lead the way. Well the truth is it's hard. You either cut relations to be a full on busy bee with all sorts of ideas here and there and get work them or tone down just a smidgen and enjoy every passing second of life with friends and family before its too late. Note!: You can never have both in life, you end up losing all so choose wisely and know yourself.

So, what do we consider the beauty of life? Some say its the experience of a new feeling or place that you get drawn to, others say its the uniqueness that you experience rather than live one already lived. I like to consider life as a beauty that is to be shared and spread for joy and sadness, to get something out of it. What is means for me is that I love interacting with unique people, people am not used to hearing and seeing. It creates a new feeling for me that shows how diverse and advanced  we have become as a species at whole and I know who else is out there. Sharing experiences of life and deep thoughts also creates new ways to approach life. Well I couldn't have realized how much life was so complex than normal if I were in a rush to just meet and greet and move on. Its this complexity we artists crave for to portray a new 'world' we have experienced. These are like love, care, freedom, fulfillment, satisfaction, trust, leadership or even outright fun. They all seem so straight forward right? But in reality the more we know and the more we encounter, lines start getting blurred to grey instead of your usual black and white.

These are my views on life, but I sincerely feel we weren't born to merely pass by and die. How we live it should be majestic in our own way. Creating a sense of grace and awe to ones heart. Love is the gravity of life, by which we were created and to which we continue to exist. Spreading love isnt to your significant other but to the world. Fill the earth with compassion and feel the burdens of life with compulsion to do better. The only way we can learn to love isn't by sitting in our small circles of family and friends, but by exploring. Whether you are a businessman in a top to toe serious agenda or a hippy down to the tunes of EarthWindAndFire classical's, you have to admit meeting new people is the best experience one ever goes through and throws you off your normal shoes and you get to say, "Wow! I didn't know that". You get lost in stories of whimsical muse and out of your usual field. You get to trade lives through stories and feel them as they take you on a journey out of your mind.

Now this is the beauty of life. And I will take you on my journey as a man fitting in society and trying to experience this beauty. I will get collaborations with ladies as they share their experiences with me, and eventually with you.

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