6 Accessories For Pedicure: Show Off Your Feet All Year Round

6 Accessories For Pedicure: Show Off Your Feet All Year Round

Jun 13, 2021, 1:11:56 PM Life and Styles

A pedicure has become more than a matter of beauty, it has become an integral treatment of the feet. Foot health is something we sometimes forget, as we focus more on other parts of the body. Other times, we only focus on the aesthetic side, and that is what leads us to get a pedicure. However, foot care is of utmost importance for the health of our body.

Steps to a pedicure

To do a pedicure, there are a number of steps to follow. Firstly, if there is pre-existing nail polish, it has to be removed completely. The next step is to soak the feet in warm water not only to clean them thoroughly but also to soften any calluses. The nails are then cut along the natural line of the toes.

After cutting, the nails are filed to give them a more perfect and harmonious finish. If there are hardnesses, they are treated by removing dead cells from both the heel and the sole of the foot. Once this is done, a base coat of nail polish can be applied to the nails, and then the nail polish can be applied.

Now, to make the job easier, there are six essential accessories for a pedicure that you can easily buy at an online store like Revedy Nail. Take note of the following accessories that will help you to show off your feet all year round.

Pedicure accessories

Of all the accessories available for pedicures, we've selected the ten most essential ones:

Pedicure nippers

Pedicure pliers are essential for cutting toenails, as they allow you to exert more pressure, which is good because toenails are always harder than fingernails.

Foam separators

When giving a pedicure, it is very convenient to have foam separators that allow us to work with each toe in a more precise and efficient way.

Cuticle nippers

Cuticles are difficult to remove if you don't have this accessory that will allow you to remove them quickly and easily. It is one of the accessories you can't do without when giving a pedicure.

Heel cutter

To remove calluses from heels and other areas of the feet, callus removers are essential, because by simply sliding gently over the surface, without exerting too much pressure, we will get rid of calluses on our feet.

Pedicure file

After trimming your nails, it is essential to file them, otherwise, you will be left with uneven edges and ridges. The files are specially designed for the shape of the toes.

Micromotor lathe

The pedicure lathes are the revolution, as they are used for the removal of nail polish and nail polishing with the manicure lathes as well as for the preparation process of the hand, removal and thinning of the product, maintenance in the case of sculptured nails and even polishing operations on porcelain and acrylic nails.

With these accessories, plus the pedicure cosmetic products, you will have the perfect pedicure kit for the treatment and care of your feet.

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