3 Big Benefits of Opting for Moonlighting Physician Jobs

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3 Big Benefits of Opting for Moonlighting Physician Jobs

Oct 7, 2021, 11:23:52 PM News

Enter the keyword physician burnout in Google and you will be hit with a torrent of posts on the epidemic of physician job discontent. Being a doctor has always been a hard line of work, doesn’t matter where you are. It’s physically, mentally and, emotionally challenging, and surely not for the faint-hearted. According to an estimate over 50 percent of all physicians in the U.S., are burned out, with some specialties affected more than others. 

Doctors world over after a specific number of years are increasingly looking for ways out of the grind of full-time employment and not so happy work-life (and it’s chiefly the big shift from private practice/small business ownership, to be employees of corporations, that has aggravated this situation). 

One way that the physicians are doing this, is virtually joining the “gig economy” and practicing on their terms. They can still be efficient and competent doctors, providing their services to facilities in need; nevertheless, avoid being full-time employees. 

Let’s find out about the 3 reasons that the physicians are happy:

Set their schedule

Moonlighting physicians and per-diem physicians will typically work at multiple facilities, preparing their work schedule (often months ahead). They do not have to get permission for vacation time, switch shifts with colleagues, or feel obligated to only one institution. Freedom and independence are the rewards for moonlighting.

Bypass administrative hassle

Discharging duties as a regular full-time physician bring in a whole array of administrative requirements and demands. Although no doctor should ever “bury their head in the sand” when it comes to healthcare administration there always should be teamwork.Nor any physician get into medicine to spend their time lumbered with these tasks. Far better to concentrate on clinical work and caring for patients for all intents and purposes, which moonlighting physician gets to do.

Work less, earn more

The last element to this, one that can make it fairly a no-brainer, is that if you are astute and clever regarding how you do this, you can easily earn much more while working less. Doctors need to be flexible here, but the trade-off is often worthwhile financially and emotionally. The practice of medicine tends to be tough and rigorous. Long hours, nights, and weekends. The better deal you can get, in terms of extra free time and a work-life balance, the better for your overall well-being.

Nut Shell

With such awesome benefits, it’s high time to contact a physician staffing company of good reputation. Doing as such will only make you happier and of course richer. 

Published by Deepak Sharma

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