All Lives Matter.

All Lives Matter.

All lives matter. A simple statement that shouldn't go opposed. It just seems to me that the "All Lives Matter" group seems to be quiet in situations of injustice and tend to side with the people acting out those injustices. I'd really like to see the all lives matter people speaking out about the homeless people that are being pushed away from their only shelter. I'll also assume that they are speaking out about the injustices towards black people because you know, "all lives matter". Because if not, you are only proving more so why we need BLM and other groups speaking out about their oppression. It's people like "all lives matter" that tell the society that the oppressed are subhuman. So yeah, sure, all lives matter. But to clarify, what you meant to say was all white lives, or dominantly white professions lives matter, or all the people that aren't trying to rid of the classist ways lives matter.

You can't logically say all lives matter unless you see all non-white people as subhuman because it has constantly been made clear that all lives do not matter. If they did, Flint Michigan would have water, the homeless would all have access to shelter, and we wouldn't have to tell the news to "#saytheirname" when referring to a black person that was unjustifiably killed. And if you do see non-white people as subhuman, to you I say be careful. There's a trend of punching nazis in the face and even if you aren't formally a nazi, I'm sure someone will make an exception for you. 

Published by Deja Minor

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