My Issue With The Women's Marches

My Issue With The Women's Marches

I think it is cool that so many people can come together all around the country in support of what is supposedly the same cause. I, however, have a few issues with the Women’s Marches.

It's good to see people passionate about a cause and I'm not going to tell you how to express your anger against an oppression, the point of marches and protest is to disrupt the regularly scheduled oppression or issue and gain attention so people will hear you rather than just listen. Many groups exercise this way of expression, whether it was the people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, the people protesting Melania's husband's win or the Black Lives Matter group protesting the unequal treatment because of their skin. Nowhere in the definition of protest does it say peace is mandatory. However, some groups choose to have a peaceful protest and that is also a valid way of expression. However, sometimes, amidst a peaceful protest, there are unidentifiable people who go and disrupt the peace or vandalize local businesses. I think that in itself is not only an issue but very iffy. It seems very convenient that they are rarely identified. Almost as if it is people outside of the protesting group try to frame those groups as not being peaceful to discredit their cause.

America needed Hillary to lose. The future is female regardless of who won, but people would not have had to face the reality of the America we have always lived in if Hillary won, at least not as soon. I believe his presidency did make the issue of inequalities more apparent but to say that it took the Trump presidency for us all to realized just how messed up America is, is a huge generalization. Many groups that face discrimination almost routinely, whether it be because of their color, sexuality, disability, religion, gender or lack thereof, have realized the issue with America for lifetimes. Trump's presidency has just more blatantly made it clear that it is the job of the people to make the America we wish to live in.

If you decided to participate in a women's march today, I hope it was for more than the likes on social media. If you participated in a march, I hope it has more to do with Hillary Clinton's loss. If you participated in a march, I hope you realize it's for all woman and not just white woman. If you are speaking at the march about fighting for the women in 1920 who allowed us to vote today, remember that ALL woman were not allowed to vote. If you are at the marches, I want you to realize that you are also marching for the rights of trans woman. If you are at home watching the marches saying you wish they would’ve all voted, there is no way to know whether or not they voted from where you are sitting and I think it is very clear that the votes of the people didn't really have that much of a part in this election. If you are at home judging the marches because of how little you may believe they are doing, what are you doing to help a cause greater than yourself?

I appreciate the passion. Do more than just march.

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