Top Men’s Casual Shoes to Add to Your Collection

Top Men’s Casual Shoes to Add to Your Collection

Oct 18, 2021, 2:58:20 PM Business

Casual shoes are one of those wardrobes essential that we can never leave behind. As time passes by, the thin line separating your professional work and casual hangout clothes are blurring. There is no such conservative strict clothing policy in the workplace nowadays and thus, you need to have some good casual shoe collection to make your appearance presentable.

Browsing stores or websites for getting casual shoes is nothing new for any of us. We have worn them all the time and we know the details as the back of our hands. Though, with new fashion changes and trendy slabs casual shoes are being paired with a number of clothing that is not always under the category of casual wear. If you get the pairing right, they will effortlessly rock with more than half of your wardrobe but it gets wrong then it can turn out very difficult.

We are here to tell you about the top men’s casual shoes that you definitely need to add to your shoe collection. There are hundreds of designs and styles when it comes to buying a casual shoe but with the right approach and ideas, you can get the best pairs for your wardrobe. Let’s have a quick look at all of the suggestions we have brought for you here.

The Suede Chukka:

The Suede Chukkas are one of the essential casual shoes you need to have in your collection. There are two main reasons for that. They are not as classy as brogues nor as casual as sneakers. Hence, these Chukkas are the best mix of both professional and casual footwear styles you need to fill in your shoe collection with.

They have tremendous versatility with their mix and therefore, can rock with both suits and something casual like wash denim and a white t-shirt. They are typically ankle-high boots in suede or leather. They add a rich elegance to your look with their neutral shades of brown and navy.

The Brown Loafer:

Loafers are the epitome of casual, comfortable, and cool footwear. Similar to Chukka, loafers go well with both professional and casual attires. Thus, the versatility is well-known here too.

You can always pair them with a sport coat and denim or chinos. Though, restrain to wear them with any kind of full-on suit. Go for suede or leather and penny or tassel. They will give you a formal yet cool look. Another good point is that they come in a variety of colors including black, navy, green, or red. If you looking for maximum versatility then we suggest you to go with the brown pair.

The Brown Leather Boot:

They are one of the stylish, formal, casual, and cool looking footwear fashions that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe collection. As per your whole attire, it can give you sophisticated, rebellious ruggedness to your overall look. You can always go for a variety of them which includes casual work boots, dress boots, chukka, and even cowboy boots.

You can choose the boots as per your preference depending on the way you want to look i.e., more formal or just cool casual. You can pair them up with dark wash denim, chinos or wool trousers.


Cariuma is a shoe brand from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is popularly known for its unique materials to use for manufacturing different kinds of casual shoes. They use only sustainably sourced materials like bamboo, organic cotton, rubber, sugarcane to manufacture all the pairs of sneakers.

Every pair of sneakers produced by them is a literal example of fashion with comfort. They are good-looking with several silhouettes available in a variety of colors. They are surprisingly lightweight and are designed perfectly to fit right into your feet.

The Sneakers:

Well, when we are talking about casual shoes then forgetting this gem will be a shame. Sneakers give you an aesthetic vibe for all the kinds of casual clothing you can look for.

They are available in different kinds of designs, fashion, patterns, and of course, colors. We would suggest you to go with a pair of a neutral shade of beige, white, or grey. They are those neutral colors which will go with any shade of clothing you pair them up with. Thus, you get a minimalist look both in leather, suede, or canvas.

Apart from these, you can also go for brands like Tropicfeel, Allbirds, Casca, or Oliver Cabell for grabbing the best quality casual shoes for your footwear collection. They all are certified brands and offer both fashions with comfort to make the choice easier for you.  

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