Differences Between Friend Request And Friend Suggestion On Facebook

Differences Between Friend Request And Friend Suggestion On Facebook

Oct 28, 2021, 12:41:26 PM Opinion

If you are looking for new friends on the social network, you will be interested to know the differences between friend requests and friend suggestions on Facebook.

We all like to have lots of contacts on social networks. But there are users who don't understand the differences between friend requests and friend suggestions on Facebook, and this can lead to some annoying confusion.

A friend request is what you receive when another person wants to add you as a friend. In order to have you in their feed you must give them approval, and to do so they must send you this type of request. Once you approve it, you will be friends with each other. On the other hand, suggestions are made by Facebook itself. Based on your contacts, it shows you, people, that the algorithm thinks you might be interested in, so that you are encouraged to send them a friend request.

Therefore, only if a person has sent you a friend request and you have accepted it or, on the contrary, this person will be on your friend's list. If you have only received a suggestion, neither of you will be able to access each other's private posts.

You Have A New Friend Suggestion On Facebook, What Does It Mean?

If you have logged on to your Facebook account the social network and found that you have a new friend suggestion on Facebook, you have probably wondered what it means. As we said before, a friend suggestion is not the same as a friend request.

A friend suggestion simply means that Facebook's algorithm considers that there is a person you might be interested in adding to your contact list. Usually, the social network suggests people with whom you have contacts in common.

But sometimes it also presents you with people simply because you have studied at the same place or follow the same pages. In reality, friend suggestions are just a way for the tool to help you find friends by showing you people it thinks might be interesting for you.

Are Facebook Friend Suggestions Mutual?

The social network does not communicate at any time whether friend suggestions are mutual. That is, they are not by default. However, it is quite likely that you appear as a suggestion to the same people who appear to you. The reason for this is that the tool shows as suggestions people with whom you have friends or likes in common or who have been tagged in the same photos. Therefore, it is normal for a suggestion to go both ways in the end.

But the possibility exists that someone appears to you as a suggestion and you don't appear to them, so we can't say it's exactly mutual.

How To Delete A Friend Request On Facebook

You may have inadvertently sent one and now you're wondering how to delete a friend request on Facebook. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to sent friend requests
  2. Find the request you want to
  3. Click Cancel Request

It is important to note that you can only delete a friend request if it has not yet been accepted. But if you have already been accepted, you don't have to keep the person in your contact list. You can simply delete them from your friend's list, just like any other friend you already have.

However, it is best to be careful before sending a friend request to the wrong contact.

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