9 Easy Steps To Remodelling Your Kitchen

9 Easy Steps To Remodelling Your Kitchen

Nov 2, 2021, 2:12:04 PM Life and Styles

Have you ever looked at your kitchen and thought "I loved it when I bought it, but now it looks old!". These thoughts are perfectly normal: over the years, fashions change and tastes change.

But how can you modernise your kitchen to make it more suitable for you? If you're not interested in a full kitchen renovation project, you can read this article. Here you will discover these easy DIY measures to renovate your kitchen quickly and easily.

1. Replace the Light Fixtures

If the chandelier or lamps in your kitchen are old and outdated this can make your kitchen look much worse. You can modernise your kitchen by simply changing the light fixtures, choosing more powerful and neutral light bulbs.

It might not seem like such an important detail, but the lighting point can really make a difference to a room and transform a kitchen.

2. Change the Accessories

Is your kitchen full of outdated accessories? Why not replace them? You may find that it's not the kitchen that's outdated, but the accessories that give you that impression.

Try adding some new accessories: a basket, a tray or new containers. You may find that your kitchen suddenly looks new!

3. Paint cabinets and shelves

If you would like to give your kitchen a more personal touch, one idea would definitely be to paint the wall units and shelves a colour of your choice. If your kitchen is very colourful and you want to make it a more relaxing environment, you could repaint details such as wall units and shelves in neutral colours.

If you think your kitchen is too dull, why not choose pastel or bright colours that bring a sense of cheer. Also, make your cabinets look completely new, you can go for kitchen cabinet refinishing services. You can easily find such a service at a very reliable price in your area.

4. Painting the walls

This intervention is a little more intense than the others we have mentioned because it takes a little more time. But painting the walls can really revamp your kitchen!

Often it is not the furniture that is outdated, but the combination of furniture and wall colours. Re-painting the walls could be a great idea and as everything depends on your personal taste: you can choose neutral colours, bright colours or pastel colours or you can choose to paint a wall with chalkboard paint.

5. Changing the floor

Just like painting the walls, this is not exactly a do-it-yourself job, but it can be an essential part of a kitchen renovation. Replacing the old floor with a more modern one can really help you modernise your kitchen.

There are various types of flooring you can choose from laminate, pre-finished parquet, porcelain stoneware, all modern choices that can help you to update your kitchen.

6. Changing the splashback panel

The backsplash panel is an often underestimated element of the kitchen, but in reality, it is fundamental: it protects the walls from dirt and heat. Replacing the backsplash panel is very simple and can really bring freshness to the environment.

7. Giving furniture a new lease of life

Kitchen furniture is obviously crucial to the look of the kitchen. They can be painted, covered or replaced to change their appearance. Obviously, for a do-it-yourself solution, it is best to paint the furniture to give it a new look.

This may seem like a simple solution, but it can really change the look of your kitchen completely. You can use a wide range of paints, including matt and gloss finishes, and you can create a shabby chic or very modern effects using colours such as gloss black.

8. Paint the Tiles

If your kitchen has tiled walls that you no longer like, you can paint them to make them look more modern!

There are special paints on the market that adhere perfectly to ceramic surfaces and are formulated to be applied without the need for primers or other products.

You can recreate the look of your favourite stoneware tiles without having to completely redo your kitchen wall!

Ceramic paints are also perfect for the kitchen because they are washable and therefore perfect for a room that needs to be cleaned often.

9. Replacing the kitchen worktop and handles

Another way to improve your kitchen and make it more modern is to replace the kitchen worktop, especially when the worktop is worn.

Replacing your kitchen worktop could go a long way to making your kitchen look more modern.

It could also help to change the handles on the cabinets, which could be the detail that makes your kitchen look more "vintage" than you would like. Replace old handles with newer ones, for example, made of materials such as metal and glass.

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