Hotel or Apartment: What To Choose For Your Holidays With Children?

Hotel or Apartment: What To Choose For Your Holidays With Children?

Hotel or Apartment: What To Choose For Your Holidays With Children?

Jan 18, 2022, 2:00:52 PM Opinion

There's no doubt that when there are children involved, priorities change when it comes to choosing issues that were not so important before, such as accommodation.

The doubts, especially on the first holiday with children, multiply: beach, mountains or urban tourism? What means of transport should we use? What should we prioritise in our suitcases? And like these three, there are dozens of other questions, right?

Well, the most important thing when planning a holiday with children, apart from the destination, is the accommodation. Just what in many trips in the past, at that time without children, was almost secondary, now plays an absolutely essential role because it can make the difference between an ideal trip and one that is a disaster. Therefore, we have this article where we find which accommodation is better, hotel or apartment for holidays if you have children.

Pros and cons of the hotel

The hotel is pure relaxation. Its great advantage is that you know you have everything done. Depending on what you hire, you may even be able to forget about meals, but you will at least forget about cleaning, making the beds and other routine household chores that do not magically disappear in a holiday apartment. On the other hand, there are some handicaps that are not always taken into account by new parents: the most important one, the lack of space. Yes, even more so than whether you have laundry facilities or children's areas. 

It is essential, if you are staying in a hotel with children, that the rooms have at least two slightly separate rooms. This is especially important with very young children, as when they go to bed early you will want to have a space in which to relax before you go to bed. It is the most normal thing in the world, and also a long-awaited moment, even a very pleasant one, after a family holiday that is coming to an end. 

Secondly, hotels that offer specific services that are only appreciated when travelling with children make a difference: washing machine, a small kitchen in the room or spacious areas and specific activities for children are three examples of this. Also if they have cots if you have a child who is still sleeping in them.

Our recommendation is that you take all four into account as far as possible because they will make your life easier and, therefore, your holidays more pleasant. 

Pros and cons of the apartment

The great advantage of a regim hotelier bucuresti over a hotel is its spaciousness and the space available. It is undisputed that, with generally expensive exceptions, hotels cannot compete in this respect. And this is very much appreciated, especially with small children who need long naps and an early bedtime, as we said before. The privacy of the apartment is not available in a hotel. 

The second great advantage is the freedom it offers. Some people enjoy it more when everything is taken care of for them but, on the other hand, there are those who are overwhelmed by a schedule as strict as that of hotels when they are on holiday. If this is your case, then there is no doubt: the apartment is your ideal choice. But not at any price, mind you. You should check rental market trends in Columbus, Ohio to be aware of the rental prices in case you are staying in this city.

Things to bear in mind

When travelling with children, both the equipment and the location become decisive in the choice, and don't forget a fundamental detail: the available parking. This is even more important if you plan to move around to visit nearby places that you need to get to by car. It can't be more desperate to have to go round and round looking for a parking space even on holidays, only to end up parking far away and having to carry everything you have to take care of the children. 

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