How To Find Spare Parts For Your Car On The Internet?

How To Find Spare Parts For Your Car On The Internet?

Oct 5, 2021, 3:33:45 PM Life and Styles

In recent years, and especially nowadays, buying on the Internet has become more and more common, as it is convenient and avoids the need to travel. More and more economic sectors are launching online shops, providing a wide variety of products at very affordable prices, with fast and reliable shipping methods. Tips for buying spare parts for your car on the Internet 

There are a few things to be aware of on websites before making a purchase, as this will help ensure that the transaction is carried out safely and securely. When you search for car parts near me or any other product for your car on the Internet, you should pay attention to:

Buy on trusted websites: Make sure that the website where you are going to make the purchase is safe; browse it and study the data and opinions of other users.

Take into account the opinions: Value the opinions of those users who have already made purchases on that website, the more positive evaluations, the better. But be careful, if you can, try to also look for information in specialised forums, as the comments can sometimes be unreliable or manipulated.

Shipping information: Check that the shipping costs are specified correctly, if the cost is too high or if any point related to this service is not clear, it may not be advisable to make the purchase. Also, check the delivery times, and what happens if they are not met. Finally, study how they carry out the shipping process.

Payment method: Check the availability of different and secure payment methods.

Conditions and shipping costs: Make sure that they accept returns, their conditions and deadlines for returns.

What is needed to locate each type of part? 

When ordering a spare part for your vehicle, you should bear in mind that, depending on the part you wish to buy, you will need certain information to help you locate the product in question. Regardless of the type of origin of the spare part (scrapped, rebuilt or new), you will need:

Engine: You will need to provide information on the type or engine code of the vehicle or provide the technical data sheet of the vehicle.

Gearbox: You will need its reference number, which, depending on the model and make of the car, may be stamped or on a sticker usually located on the side of the housing. It usually consists of between three and ten alphanumeric characters. If you can't find it, with the chassis number, the official dealer of the make of your vehicle can provide you with the reference number of your car's gearbox. Don't forget to check our tips for ordering a gearbox.

Bodywork parts: To locate a bodywork part, it would be sufficient to provide the make, model and version of the vehicle, as well as, whenever possible, a photograph of the part to be replaced. In the case of body parts from scrapyards, the photograph is important as it will make it easier to locate a spare part of the same colour as the body of your vehicle.

Other mechanical parts: such as turbocharger, alternator, injectors, etc. In the case of requiring a replacement of any of these parts, the reference of the element to be replaced will always be needed. This reference will always be indicated on the part itself, although in this case, there are two types:

Manufacturer's reference: Corresponds to the manufacturer of the spare part in question, such as Bosch, Valeo, Hella, Brembo, etc.

Brand reference or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture): This refers to the code that the vehicle manufacturer (Seat, Audi, BMW...) gives to the part.

Original or compatible parts - which should I choose? 

An original or "OEM" part is one that is formed from the specifications and production standards determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle in question. They are original parts or, in other words, parts that were installed at the factory.

A compatible spare part is a product made by other brands, which certifies that they have made the product under the quality standards of the firm, so they assure us that they are as valid or even more valid than the originals.

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