How To Save Space In Your Home With Pocket Stacking Doors

How To Save Space In Your Home With Pocket Stacking Doors

Oct 6, 2021, 2:00:37 AM Life and Styles

Stacking doors can be a great space saver in small rooms. In a house with little space, the idea of putting Stacking doors in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom can be a good option. They can also be used to close or separate spaces inside offices and premises.

This type of door has the characteristic of stacking on itself, instead of going outwards or inwards, so they do not take up any space. Its assembly and operation system is simple, thanks to a guide that is placed at the top of the frame and allows the sliding of the door, while the slats are stacking on themselves.

Stacking doors should not be confused with sliding doors, which also operate by sliding on an upper guide, but where the door does not fold, but moves to one side of the wall or is hidden in a hole in the wall, prepared for this purpose.

They can be manufactured in various materials, there are Stacking doors made of wood, glass, or aluminum. We will focus on the explanation of this post on the PVC Stacking doors. The PVC is a material that is increasingly used for doors because it is made in smooth panels of different colors that usually adapt well to the current decoration. 

There are different ways to fit aluminium stacking doors, and they are easy to install so they do not need professional assembly teams, and they are more economical than a traditional door. However, still, you need to pay attention, otherwise, it may get damaged, and you would need to look for aluminium stacking door repairs to make it work correctly.

When you look out, you can also get PVC stacking doors that are expandable with loose slats, so you can adapt the enclosure to the gap you have including the slats you need. In addition, this type of interior stacking door are prepared to be mounted with closure on both the right side and the left side, in fact, you can also buy two doors and mounted facing each other with the closure located in the centre of the opening.

The PVC Stacking doors are very versatile, except in terms of height, its 2.05 m. high are not expandable. There are many manufacturers that make custom Stacking doors, although you will find standard sizes expandable in width in basic colours: white, oak and wenge, or may look for some custom options.

Glazed Stacking doors

The design of PVC Stacking doors keeps evolving and to improve their aesthetics they have also recently incorporated a synthetic glass that gives a glazed effect.

Easy maintenance and durability

For simple maintenance and to prevent dirt particles from accumulating in the rail, it is advisable during the cleaning of the glass and vacuum properly through the rail and around it frequently, doing it correctly in one or two opportunities may not have to be repeated in a long time, and at the same time, avoids future inconveniences. Among the most recommended according to maintenance are: PVC and aluminium.

The interesting thing in the general sense is that the style changes, the room becomes more modern, more pleasant, and more captivating.

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