5 Reasons To Shop At Thrift Stores

5 Reasons To Shop At Thrift Stores

Jan 18, 2022, 8:22:47 AM Life and Styles

Not a big fan of thrift stores? You don't find what you're looking for, you have the impression that the clothes you buy there are not of good quality and you smell like a granny? For this last criticism, we won't say anything... (But for the "second hand" defence, you should know that the smell goes away with the wash).

For the rest, big mistake! Thrift shops are real Ali Baba's barracks full of vintage treasures. It's up to you to find them... 

Don't wear the same shirt as everyone else

You know that feeling when you see every third girl wearing the top you just bought at Zara? It's clearly one of the main reasons why more and more shoppers are turning to second hand. It's impossible to feel 'special' in your look when everyone else is wearing the same thing! 

The big brands have the advantage of offering affordable and trendy collections, but without really giving the garment any personality. On the other hand, you'll never find the same thing twice in a thrift store (which also includes not always finding your size...).

But you can be sure you'll never run into anyone wearing your duck print blouse! And that's no so much difficult to find such a store nearby. You can easily search for them online. Like if you're living in San Diego, you just need to open the Google and search for the best thrift stores san diego. That's all need to do!

Adopt a slow fashion attitude

This goes back to what we said before. It's rare to buy new clothes and keep them for a lifetime. By dint of renewing our wardrobe, we can quickly fall into a logic of over-consumption of clothing. 

A privilege offered to us by accessible brands, but which is no less harmful for the environment and the people who design our jeans and t-shirts... Of course, buying second-hand does not always mean buying ethically, but even if your polka-dot dress is made in China, you won't renew the production cycle by constantly buying new.  

Get the local economy going

Although some vintage chains are slowly developing, most thrift shops are still the initiative of a few enthusiasts who go out each month to look for new finds, or collect your old clothes.

It may seem easy to run a vintage shop because of the lack of collections, but keep in mind that it is just as difficult to find vintage pieces in good condition and in sufficient quantities to be sure to find a buyer... 

Finding unique accessories

If you never find what you're looking for in clothes, don't neglect accessories. Scarves, brooches, shoes and bags are often hidden away in thrift shops, littering the floors, shelves and bins. Also, consider looking at hats. They're an essential part of any look and can make you look great!

Find designer pieces at low prices

Finally, for those who don't know, you can't just find Auntie Jeannine's knitted cardigans in thrift shops! Don't be surprised if you come across Cacharel blouses, Céline pumps or Dior sunglasses... But for that, there's only one rule: hunt around, again and again!

So, these are some reasons that should attract towards these thrift stores. Do you like this? Make sure to leave your comments below!

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