What is a CNC machine shop and how to choose the best one?

What is a CNC machine shop and how to choose the best one?

Nov 15, 2021, 9:18:25 AM Business

When we talk about a CNC machine shop, we are referring to a company that uses machinery guided by computer numerical control to create parts of exact and perfect precision that will be used in different sectors such as industry, space or laboratories, for example.

The CNC machine shop has specific tools to function as precision machining and also people specifically trained to make the whole process work, as it is necessary that they have a very specific technical knowledge and are highly qualified to use them correctly and get the best possible performance, optimising resources and achieving the best results. By means of a cutting tool, the machining processes give shape to a piece that must have specific and unique measurements, size and finishes, depending on the particular needs of each customer.

Spacious And Specialised Locations

This type of workshop is a large space, as it is where CNC machinery is located, with enormous dimensions, as well as having enough space for lathes, manual milling machines, product storage, grinders, saws... In the workshops, specific parts are created for very specific applications such as aerospace, which sometimes require parts with a precision of 0.00001 inches. These are very small parts that require high precision, so they can only be produced with machinery specifically created for this purpose, such as precision machining.

A CNC machine shop uses highly skilled and experienced CNC machine operators who oversee the entire manufacturing process of the part, from the start of the process until the product is finished.

How to Choose the Ideal CNC Machine Shop for Your Project?

When wondering how to select a CNC machine shop, look for one that is flexible to your changing needs, deadlines and budget.

Work with a company that helps you understand which materials are best suited to your project and is willing to try something new to meet your quality standards. Beware of companies that get bogged down with process logistics. A good machining company understands that rush orders are sometimes necessary and will work with you to get you the parts you need on your schedule.

Also, the length of time the machining company has been in business is a testament to how well their products and services meet the needs of their customers. Look for a machining company that thoroughly understands your application and has years of service under its belt.

When selecting a machining company for your project, it is essential that you do your research to ensure that you are choosing the option that best suits your needs.

It is important that the machining company has experience in the field. Whatever project you have in mind, it is likely that you will have a blueprint of the parts that need to be produced. In turn, the machining company will use that drawing to create a prototype for you to approve.

Take note of the quality of the prototype and ask for examples of their work for other customers. You probably have a budget in mind for the production of your parts, so make sure that the quality of the machining company's previous work is up to your standards and expectations.

You can even talk to other customers who have already worked with this machining company and learn about their experiences to get first-hand reviews about the work they do, their quality and how they treat their customers.

It is very important that the CNC machine shop establishes good communication with customers to ensure that they deliver what they are looking for.

Throughout the process of communicating your design, not only do you want a product that meets your company's standards and stays within budget, you also want to partner with a machining company that is easy to work with on a project.

Use the prototype process to assess how easy communication is, whether they listen to your needs, whether they meet your deadlines and, in general, whether working together becomes an enjoyable experience. If the machining company meets your needs through the prototyping process, they are more likely to be a good fit when you are sorting large orders with them.

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