Can we find peace through posessing?

Can we find peace through posessing?

Jan 13, 2017, 10:23:27 PM Opinion

In these days our society is built on having. Having a car. Having a television. Having a nice dress. Having money. We want to have as much as we can and we want to have it now. We’re obssesed with owning, with buying and spending, we’re crazy materialists who live in the illusion that possessing is the only thing that makes us happy. So my first question would be:

Can we find peace through possessing? (Just so you know, in this post I’m concentrating on this different definition of peace – peace as a certain stadium in which you don’t feel angry or anxious most of the time and in which you are ‘perfectly’ happy.)

Answer: I think we cannot. Let me explain. If you buy yourself a lipstick, you’re very happy about it (I know that feeling). And it can make your day better, which is good. But after a week or two of using that lipstick you start to get bored of it. That’s just how it goes. And suddenly, this lipstick is not good enough. It’s boring. You don’t want to wear the same shade all over and over again, right? So you go and buy yourself a new one! But eventually, you get bored of this one as well. It’s a circle in which you never become truly, absolutely happy. Nor peaceful. Actually it’s the other way around. Possessing makes you want to possess more. Which makes you eager and anxious.

I’ve been currently reading a book by Erich Fromm, it’s called To Have or To Be? and it’s really great so far. And it got me thinking. Sadly, the western civilisations are based on materialism. The most imortant thing is economy. And children are raised to care more about their career than about their own personal happiness. We’ve become this huge consumerist society that doesn’t care about nothing else than their own lives. Most people live in the moment, they don’t really care about the future and they stick to this opinion that they only live once so why would they care about shit like wildlife and nature.

The thing is that this society that we’re living in doesn’t make us better people. It awakes in us jealousy, envy, anxiety, depressions, everyone’s rushing somewhere all the time. People have no peace and yet that’s what everyone wants. Peace and happiness. In my view there’s no such person that doesn’t want to be happy (although they may say so). Everyone wants to live in peace, nobody wants to be sad or bullied or tortured or killed. And yet that’s what we’re doing every day. We’re killing ourselves, we’re killing our home and we’re killing the future because we do so many things that are poisonous for the planet. And we don’t even care because if it’s not happening in front of our eyes, it’s not happening at all.

And the main thing that our society failes in is showing us how to find peace. If we cannot find it through possessing, what then? And for me, it’s so easy it makes me laugh.

The question: How to find peace?

The answer: Through nature. It might sound stupid and naive but it’s the truth. Nature is our home, our Earth is the only place we have and so we have to look after it (which most of us don’t). Have you ever noticed that if you spend some time in nature, you become happier? Even if just for a little moment, but still. It’s beautiful, it’s full of colours, it’s quiet and most of all, it’s peaceful. I believe that if you spread piece, the piece will eventually come back to you.

One of the things that define a human is how they treat the beings that can’t defend themselves. And that’s where the human species tragically failed. We treat animals like if they were garbage. We’re giving christmas presents to our dogs while we’re eating pork steaks. We’re violently forcing them to live inside cages because they can’t speak for themselves. They can’t. And they’re all so innocent. And that’s another step.


The question: How to find peace?


The answer: Through not hurting others, not even those, who can’t beat you. They’re innocent and innocence is peaceful.

I really believe that when you live in symbiosis with nature and with animals, you can achieve the level of peace that you’ve always wanted. I’ve been vegan for two months now and I can see so many changes that it’s almost unbelievable. I stress less. I smile more. I’m not as angry as I used to be. And I respect lives of everyone who lives on this planet because we’re not enemies, we’re friends.

Denisa x

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