The world has gone mad in 2016

The world has gone mad in 2016

My friend has recently written a blogpost about her life in 2016 and she has also mentioned that 2016 had been very horrible for our world. And I found out that I actually hadn’t realised this before.

So many things happened this year. When it comes to my life, all those things were mostly very positive. But in terms of our world… it was mad. All those terrorist attacks, a war in Syria, so many important or famous people died, UK referendum, it was also the hottest year in the last 100 years which means the climate change is becoming more and more alarming.. and on the top of it US elections. I mean, it was bad.

And as I look back at it, I can’t help but thinking – when is this all going to end? Was it just one bad year or was 2016 the beggining of something bigger? Are we experiencing the beggining of the end? I know I’m being a drama queen here but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s sensing that tense. Our society is standing on the edge (as I’ve already written in my post about our self-destruction) and 2016 has pushed us there. Are we going to stand there for a whole another year? Or are we going to fall? And is there some chance of returning back? Of not falling?

I’m not sure, guys. I mean, my post about our self-destruction has already shown my opinion about all of this. I think we are going to fall. I do. But is it going to happen in 2017? 2018? 2040? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that this year was full of deaths and wrong (wrong to me, they might seem right to some of us) decisions. People are not designed to live in peace. And it’s been a very long time since the World War II.

Is it alright that UK decided to leave the EU? Many people I know don’t really care. They think it doesn’t mean much. But in my view, it means a lot. It means we are not able to be together and more importantly, stay together. It means we are no longer stable. It means we are starting to seperate again. One big group can make a big difference. But small seperate groups can do nothing. UK is one of the strongest countries in Europe. If they leave, it’s just a question of time until other countries will leave as well.

Is it alright that Trump was selected as a president? Clinton is not perfect as well. They’re both basically the most hated people in USA, as some people say. I still can’t understand how could these two get so far in the USA elections. And I can’t understand how could the more radical one win. Radicalism is never alright. When you’re radical, you don’t use critical thinking because you’re too blind. You fight for your belief and that’s all you care about. Trump is no politician. People say he’s not going to steal money because he’s too rich to care about money. We have one politician in the Czech Republic and it’s the same case – he’s too rich so he’s going to be a good leader. I don’t know where this has come from. Money is not everything, after all. And I’m quite sure it’s not what Trump is after. Power. I think he wants power. Power is so much more than money. You can’t usually buy peoples’ lives for money. You can’t manipulate with their lives. You can’t be the one who has everything in his hands. But with power… you have everything. And is it alright that Trump and Putin are both radical, both want power and they’re both friends? (If they weren’t, that would be maybe even worse, but Stalin and Hitler acted as friends as well after all).

We’re destroying our planet. And 2016 has proven it. The positive thing is that there are more and more vegans and vegetarians, there are also more people who care about our environment. But it’s still not enough. Very important icebergs are melting. 2016 was the hottest year in the last 100 years but I’m sure next years are going to be even hotter. The temperature is going to keep increasing. I’m worried there won’t be snow in the Czech republic ever again.

2016 was not a happy year. And honestly, I’m very scared of the next years to come. But the important thing is, we need to have hope. We need to unite. We need to be together and STAY TOGETHER. 2016 was tense but 2017 might be even tenser.

We are all people. We are not that different after all. The important thing is that we need to think clearly, we need to think about the things we hear before accepting them as the final truth. We can’t be radical. The world is not black and white. The world is full of colours. And they are beautiful. Let’s not let the blind ones destroy them.

Denisa x

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