The Best Self Publishing Companies

The Best Self Publishing Companies

The Best Self Publishing Companies

If you are like me, then as an author, you want to find the best self publishing companies. Don't worry, some are out there.

I have been self publishing paperbacks and eBooks since 2010. Let's just say, there was a huge learning curve and I am still learning. The internet is a vast ocean that seems to be expanding every day. Not to mention, there are some unscrupulous agents out there that are just waiting to rob you of your money.

First advice, you don't have to pay to self publish your book. You do have to pay to ship copies to your self, at a reduced cost. The best self publishing companies allows you publish free. To access expanded distribution, free. To design your own book cover, free. To upload your manuscript and convert it to any format, free.

Love under the Caribbean Stars 2E book cover 2This is easily accessible at my first self publishing Unlike Amazon, Lulu allows you to order proof copies before the book is approved for distribution to other third-party bookstores and catalogs. The distribution option is a prime example of the good service that the best self publishing companies offer. The disadvantage is that you must order the copy before you get distribution.
Another advantage, of these self publishing companies  is that you can decide where your earnings go before a book is sold and you don't have to wait for a particular limit; offers this. My option is PayPal and I love being surprised when I get an email advising me of the transfer of funds.

That brings me to why I jumped over to Amazon Kindle Publishing self publishing website. Here you will find little delay in getting your self published eBook to market, very quickly. Amazon Kindle's process is user-friendly and simple. If you are looking for a lot of frills, don't look here. What I like though, is that I can edit my details, book cover or the inside of the book with no hassle. Unlike, this portal has an immediate upload to Amazon's bookstore.

In terms of payment, the limit is different and I am yet to figure out how to get PayPal payments or credit card payments and not check payments which are highly likely to take months in the mail; if they reach at all.

Thieves in the Workplace book cover

Thieves in the Workplace book cover

I also use Amazon Createspace. This process is different from both and Kindle Publishing. Your self published book must go through an approval process before it goes live on the Amazon bookstore. Whereas Kindle is for the self publishing of eBooks, Createspace allows you to self publish paperbacks for the Amazon bookstore.

I dislike the payment options associated with Amazon Createspace, you must reach a threshold of $100 in either the US, UK or CAD currencies. Nothing is mixed. 'Suh dag nyam yuh supper if each fills up likkle likkle.'

Smashwords sucked my self publishing paperback and eBook mojo. They are tedious and have a discouraging process. I have never been frustrated so much in my life, unless you count my beginners days in learning programming code C or C++. This website is recommended for the patient and tech savvy.

The good thing about the Smashwords self publishing website is their distribution stream; this goes to quite a few other online bookstores.

As you can see I mainly self publish through:

  1. Kindle self publishing website
  2. self publishing website
  3. Createspace self publishing website
  4. Smashwords self publishing website

My books can be found at a number of online websites, including:

Smashwords.comBarnes and Noble,, - Australia, - United States, - UK, - Canada, - Japan, - Italy, - Spain, - France, - Austria, - Germany and Kobo.

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