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Hi, so here is the short story behind the Dented Knight. The full name was "Knight in Slightly Dented Armor". It originated in my mind as I realized that as much as I would like to be a perfect white knight in shining armor that saves the world from the evil dragon, this is not reality. In reality that role is already occupied by Jesus Christ who has already defeated the dragon. I am simply working at finding my role in following this hero. All those of us who follow Jesus are warriors in some fashion. I, by His grace, have the privilege of of being one of those warriors. My armor has lost some of its shine over the years, due to the scratches and dents of training and experience in the battles of life. Hence, the handle, "Dented Knight".

In my writing I make no apologies for being a conservative Christian, and my articles will generally reflect this bias. While I make a valiant effort to write in a manner that is not needlessly offensive, I also understand that in today's world it is likely that there will always be someone who will find a way to take offense no matter what I write. If you happen to be such an individual - please accept my apologies in advance and then suck it up and read it anyway. If you are sincerely offended, you are welcome to try to add a few dents or scratches to my armor in the comments. If your point warrants it, I may even take a swing back at you. I have discovered that one often learns more from the people one disagrees with than from those who  cheer and applaud...although, for the record, cheering and applauding is also welcome.

Happy reading!

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