Healing a Nation...

Healing a Nation...

Aug 31, 2017, 1:20:11 AM Opinion

We live in strange times. I do not consider myself Republican, nor Democrat. I have some friends who likely think I am too conservative, and others who would say I am too liberal. I find a certain amount of comfort in this “non-dogmatic” political position. It does not mean I have no opinion, nor that I would readily agree with you if we were to discuss political issues of the day. What I would hope is that we could have a respectful conversation in which we are both free to express our political and moral views without feeling the need to become angry or offended.

This current trend we see in social media, and in the violent demonstrations that have recently been taking place in this  country is not healthy. If the rational, mature people of this nation continue to do and say nothing about this, we may soon find our communities over-run with anarchists. This notion that because a person is offended by another it gives the first the moral right to take the law into ones own hands is not in any way patriotic. It is pure anarchy!

I do not presume to have the political answer to this dilemma, though I do suspect that if those who wish to see the current president removed from office succeed in their objective, it will likely be an ugly, and perhaps bloody affair that will do nothing but further inflame the already out of control hatred between left and right, white and black, rich and poor etc. The real battle that rages for the hearts and minds of the people of this nation is not between left and right, nor between rich and poor, and not even between black and white, though all those conflicts are symptoms of it. The real battle is not even between globalists and nationalists, though these do seem to be the puppeteers that are currently pulling the strings and fanning the flames.

The battle that we must win if this nation is to survive is the battle for the heart and mind of each individual person. It is ultimately a spiritual battle that motivates the hearts and controls the minds of people. Satan is a master of deception, but his power is limited to controlling those whom he can deceive. God is love, and his power is unlimited, but desire is for us to trust him and believe his truth about who we are and how we ought to live. It is those of us that remain ignorant of this truth that continue to be manipulated by evil. There is no doubt in my mind that love will ultimately win, because the truth is – love already HAS won! What remains to be determined is who among us will choose to walk in that victory. God’s love by necessity required us to choose between truth and deception, between love and hate, between, giving and taking. We all have the option to reject the lies and embrace the truth. That is the choice that will determine the future of America.

Published by Dented Knight

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