Best Record Players For The Best Karaoke Nights

Best Record Players For The Best Karaoke Nights

Jul 16, 2018, 4:46:10 PM Entertainment

Record players were thrown out of fashion by the digital files, cassettes, and CDs but they have been coming back since the last few years and their prices have been soaring along with the prices of records. These record players are not the same old-fashioned, bad audio quality kind of record players rather they have been combined with the best features and the best quality audio to make it compatible with today’s world of music.

If you are interested in buying one for your home, we bring you this article where we have mentioned exactly one best record player for every budget. The reviews of these record players are as follows:

Budget-friendly: Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built-in Speakers; Vinyl Player:

This turntable with in-built speakers was chosen because it is not only budget-friendly but is also one of the most portable turntables on the market. In terms of quality and features, it is the ultimate and the ideal record player. I know it is difficult to accept this fact with such a low price. The best features of this product are:

  • This record player is belt driven and is compatible to work at all three speeds.
  • An additional stylus can be acquired for 78s which is unbelievable.
  • It comes with built-in speakers that have a very good audio and usually the need of external speakers is not felt.
  • It has a USB port for connecting your computer and a headphone jack for connecting your headphones or external speakers.
  • It has the ability to convert your vinyl into an mp3 song.
  • It is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Mid-budget: Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center:

This classically styled turntable by Victrola is the ideal combination of antique aesthetics and modern techniques. It is constructed by one of the renowned brands in the audio industry and has up to the mark features that leave the audiophiles in awe. The key features of this record player are:

  • The standard vinyl size is compatible with this record player and it can be played at the three standard playback speeds.
  • It comes with an in-built cassette and CD player which is hardly seen in any of the other record players.
  • The device is compatible with Bluetooth devices and can be connected without any hassle.
  • It has a large sized control dial along with an analog radio. The radio cannot provide recording capabilities.
  • A standard audio jack to connect external speakers is provided despite the fact that the built-in speakers have a decent audio quality.
  • It also has an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices.

Premium: Electrohome Wellington Record Player Retro Vinyl Turntable Real Wood Stereo System:

This premium features and premium quality all in one turntable by electrohome does justice to the price by providing the best of the best features. If you are a true audio freak, this product will be definitely on your bucket list. Worth mentioning features of this product are:

  • The speakers installed in this turntable are by far the best feature. The treble and bass provided are unmatched. Nothing like it is seen in any of the built-in speakers.
  • Like other turntables, it can play the record at all three speeds.
  • It has players for CDs and cassettes but it does not have an external speaker output.
  • As input, it has an auxiliary and a Bluetooth connectivity as well.
  • You cannot connect your headphones to this record player.
  • It has the option to manually record your cue. 


Before investing in a record player, whether it is a low budget or a premium record player, make sure you have your preferences and your likes and dislikes sorted out. If you don’t, it is quite possible you might regret your choice later on. Also, do test your record player before buying for some faults aur audio problems especially if the company does not offer any kind of warranty. 

Published by Derek Lotts

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