Free Educational Resources You can Refer to For Your Course

Free Educational Resources You can Refer to For Your Course

Jul 16, 2018, 4:51:52 PM Life and Styles

Kids in this era tend to be more inclined towards technology to learn about new things. Therefore even game developers have merged learning and gaming together to come up with the perfect solution. There are countless websites too that exist for the sole purpose of imparting knowledge related to various fields of education and learning. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a collection for you that is suitable for kids from kindergarten through high school. All these sources have free video lessons, audiobooks, e-books, YouTube channels and language courses in almost all subjects such as literature, science and history.

Free audiobooks have a compilation of about 400 free audio books which consist of various children's classics such as The Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain etc. You can also download these files directly to your device.

Free eBooks include many children's classics in e-book layout. You can choose to download them which will means you can read them when offline as well. Moreover, these are compatible with all devices such as Kindle, Mac or Windows. Video tutorials are also available on site. provides you completely free of charge access to amazing classic academic reference books regarding literature and nonfiction both. Some books you may come across are Strunk & White's Elements of Style and The King James Bible.

Dance Mat Typing is among the best typing games available online that will help your kid out with typing lessons. It is divided into multiple levels which progress as the gamer passes the latter level. The first level is further divided into four stages which deal with accuracy. The first stage is like a warm-up exercise to ease the kid into the game. There are also hand exercises what would enhance the performance of the kid and help him remember better. A whole cast of animals is introduced to the kid at this stage and this is the biggest factor which keeps the game so interesting.  Animal friends need the users to help and the user provides it by typing correctly. So while doing an act of kindness, kids would be indulged in learning amazing new skills.

What you end up learning when you proceed with this stage is good finger positioning for home row keys which sets the base for your typing skills later. Stage 2 involves a continuation of home row keys from E to I. The last stage wraps it up completely. When this ends the kid is expected to have learnt excellent finger positioning as an outcome.

The animal friends will be the biggest source of guidance and motivation for the kid in this game. They will also give a confidence boost which kids need so much in their early stages. New letters will be introduced gradually at a pace that is comfortable for the kid to follow throughout the game. Teaching is not rushed and priority is given to accuracy over speed. Knowledge of knowing the proper techniques ensures lesser mistakes in future and saves time which is the goal of a good typist!

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