Top 5 Benefit with Regular Maintenance of Roller Shutters

Top 5 Benefit with Regular Maintenance of Roller Shutters

May 8, 2017, 7:13:12 PM Life and Styles

Opting for roller shutters for commercial and residential purposes is definitely a wise decision. You can avail the multiple benefits offered by these, keeping in mind the routine maintenance and care. These work as a perfect barrier as far as intruders are concerned and also can protect the property from harsh weather and the elements. The materials of these roller shutters can be steel, wood, aluminium or any other metal. You need to be aware that the maintenance of the wood roller shutters works out to be the most difficult. With these wood shutters, you need to ensure that there are no delays. The harsh sun is the main reason of the wear and tear of these shutters. It is advisable to avoid these wooden shutters if possible.

Maintenance of Roller Shutters:

Keeping the roller shutters well maintained ensures that they have a long life, for which it is necessary to follow the steps listed below.

1. Keep these Clean:

Cleaning the roller shutters of debris and litter which is accumulated over a period of time ensures smooth movement of these. This cleaning can be done after a period of three months or so. In case you overlook this cleaning, the roller shutter may get jammed and tends to move with jerky movements and the door might not close properly. The shutters should be hoisted after the tracks and the ventilation holes have been cleaned with a bristle brush. Grime which accumulates can be cleaned off with warm water and a mild detergent.

2. Lubrication Process:

Once the roller shutters have been thoroughly cleaned, you need to ensure that the hinges, springs, guide rails, lift cables and more are lubricated thoroughly. The lubricants used for this purpose should be specifically for roller shutters. Using just any oil can cause more harm.

3. Operation:

You need to ensure you do not slam the door while opening or closing the shutters. In a case of a roller shutter which runs automatically on electricity, use the remote carefully. In short, do not be rough with the handling of the roller shutters, be it the manual one or the one which is operated automatically.

4. Repairing on Time:

Damaged doors of roller shutters can cause problems if not attended to immediately. There should be no delay as it involves the security of your family or probably your business. It is advisable to seek professional help. Trained professionals have the required knowledge of dealing with any sort of damage to a roller shutter. There will be multiple manufacturers and service agencies who offer repair service 24x7.

5. Automatic Roller Shutters:

To ensure the smooth running of the automatic roller shutters, it is necessary to put them on a manual mode once in a while. This will give you a fair idea of the running of the roller shutters.

With on-time maintenance and a little care, you can avail multiple benefits offered by roller shutters, be it the manual ones or the automatic ones. Your property is well protected from not only intruders but also from the harsh weather. Choosing the right material of these shutters you find that the summers and winters are not all that bad as you get insulated from the harsh climate. You can also control the amount of light entering your home or the commercial complex.

Most often the manufacturers of roller shutters also offer their services for care and maintenance. So do check out these factors before you opt for a specific roller shutter manufacturer

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