Quoth the Raven, #1

Quoth the Raven, #1

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So, I've decided to start a mini-series here on MyTrendingStories.com called Quoth the Raven. Quoth The Raven is a personal take on how to approach the different inspirational quotes that flood our inboxes and memes. If you have your own take on what a quote means to you, feel free to comment below!

Quoth The Raven #1

"If not now, when will you begin living your life?"

Oh geez, this one strikes a particular cord for me. Ever since I graduated I have felt this stagnant pause in my life. I was so ready to get my life started after school that when the time finally came, I was at a loss as to what I should do. We all have a save the world mentality deep in our hearts, and we all feel like there is that one thing we were made for. I thought I knew what it was but sometimes my interests flies from one flower to the next. 

And so, I bargained with myself. "By the end of my school, I'll know what I should do."

"By the end of the month, I'll have a better idea."

"By the end of the year, I'll make this decision."

Sometimes timing IS key, but not to the point where you are making excuses and not living your life. So if I am not going to start taking charge of my life now, then when will I?



Published by Derek Williams

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