Let's face it, the adolescent years of growing from a mere kid to a teenager to an adult is insane. Teenager, every time I hear that word the lyrics to Teenagers from My Chemical Romance instantly begin to play in my head. The lyrics to that catchy tune are nothing less than true. Being a teenager is just awkward and in some situations down right torturous.

Your once tiny body goes through massive transformations while your learning a new level of responsibility aka life. Attitudes dismiss all mannerisms taught during our youngster years, searching to find our own. Mental disputes play back and forth like a twisted ping-pong game, verbal disputes throw down between teen and parent. Friends are the world we reside in, spending any free moments with the squad. School is similar to a work day, up at 6 am to catch the bus by 6:35 am. Classes from 7 am to 2:05 pm with a 45 minute lunch between 5th and 6th period. After school came sports/ clubs and then home to spend 3 more hours with our attention taken by homework/ studying. A's were the only acceptable grade (by your own standards) and days spent pushing yourself to achieve more than expected, overachiever.

Along with the college bound work load came dealing with all of the different characters that also attended. Classes with the cast of Alice and Wonderland. Absoleum portrayed by each teacher and all of the characters played the variety of students. From the pleasant to the weirdly interesting to the giant head bullies ranting around campus.

All of this while managing the position of finding yourself and who you want to be after the years of the young and the restless end. Continuously quizzing yourself if you're good enough... am I too skinny/ fat?... am I smart enough?... am I popular?... who am I?... what should I do as a career?... is my fashion sense good?.. does my crush like me?... are they talking about me?... questions that run miles in your mind. Do I fit in or am I an outsider?

They say that one day it will just all click. That all of the answers will instantaneously burst into your head and everything will just make sense. The static will fade as the picture comes in HD clarity. You'll know who you are and what you want to be in life, the confusion will dissipate. You'll no longer worry about what others think or say about you. It just clicks.

Do you think that that's true? Does it all just click?  I think it does, but not one single big bang click, more like tiny clicks that spark each time. That's my click theory.


Published by Derra Sabo


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